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Questions about Visiting Montreal

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We are going to be spending 2 days of our vacation in Montreal. We are staying in Dorval. We were originally going to just drive and park in Old Montreal but I've read that it's pretty hard to find parking there. Our hotel offers a shuttle to the Dorval train station. Is that the same as the Metro and would that be our best bet?


Also are there any "not to miss" places to see. Unfortunately I've had a few things come up at home and haven't been able to devote much time planning this trip. We are leaving in a week. We have our hotel reservations but other than that we might have to "wing it". Old Montreal looks interesting. Also are there any other places in the Montreal area not to miss? My "kids" are young adults.


Also my son just sprained his ankle last night. (Fairly mild sprain). We are hoping he will be able to comfortably walk in a few days or so but I'm trying to come up with contingency plans if he can't walk a lot. Are there any bus tours etc that you would recommend if this is that way we have to go?

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The Dorval train station is a passenger rail station, so probably not what you are looking for.  But I think there is a metro station at the train station, so you could take the metro, and there is a also a bus link though I have never used the bus in Montreal. 


But I would say your best bet is really to ask at the hotel, they will be able to give you all the options.


As far as things to do - it's so hard to know what other people would like.  Most people go to Notre Dame, and it is especially pretty at night though I don't know if there are tours. There are lots of pretty churches and such if you are interested in that sort of thing. I would go to the Botanical gardens.  If you like clothes there is some good stylish shopping around.  The Biodome is supposed to be neat.


I have no idea about tours, but I would expect there are options, and your hotel can probably give you some information.

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We drove, and parked. :)


The Biosphere was fun, and we enjoyed Old Montreal. We were there during a science and tech festival for kids, so that was our main focus. The Botanical Gardens were beautiful.


I think I posted here before going, and we got a lot of good advice.


One thing we all enjoyed - we went to a frommagerie, outside the city, on the way to our next stop. We tried all kinds of cheeses and met the goats. That one made a big impression on the kids, and even dairy-allergic boy enjoyed it.

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We are not Canadians but dh and I (after a wedding in Ohio) drove in to Canada (pre passport) and went to Ottawa and Old Montreal.  We drove to Toronto when we lived in Michigan. 


Old Montreal is beautiful!   I agree with Bluegoat about shopping.  I found the best quality dense cotton sweatsuit there! 


That's all I can really say.  :)   The churches are old and pretty. 


PS - For you Candians, I have a question.  I remember when DH and I visited Ottawa (I think) the natives spoke first in French (understand that) and then followed with English translation.  Or, I think that's what I remember.  Is that customary?  Just curious.

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