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What should I try next if Saxon doesn't work for my dd?

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My dd used HOrizons from 1st - 6th grade and we had no real issues till the end of 6th grade.  At that point we had problems with the amount of problems, and the confusion about writing in the book--there isn't enough space and she therefore didn't learn to properly "set up" her work...


My dd is visual spatial and also has focus issues.  She is a Sociable Sue and very active.  


She looked intently at Horizons and Saxon Algebra 1/2 and definitely ruled out Horizons Pre-Algebra.  The explanations in the Pre-Alg are even more confusing and sparse than the ones in the previous books, and she just really felt she had enough of the issues with layout and lack of explanation (DOn't get me wrong we love Horizons but I think 6th grade is where the love ended)


So, she looked at Saxon and felt like the explanations were clear.  She really liked that aspect.


BUT I know my dd.  She does NOT have a good attention span and the long lessons, lack of color (she is using an overlay), and overall bland boring nature of the book may not work with her.  We will be attempting it in August.


We have used Derek Owens Pre-Alg for a little while and she did OK with it, but the mastery method did leave her forgetting old material, and I didn't see where review was really included, which gave me concerns.  


Any other thoughts, or any thoughts of something even to try first?  The reason I like Saxon is that it is so fool-proof for a non-math mom and there are so many help vidoes.  But I'm not really sure it really is the best thing for her.  

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Maybe Dolciani Pre-A : An Accelerated Course?  My visual-spatial son with major attention issues is doing very well with it.  He is using the 80's version because many newer math books are just too crazy in layout.  Too many sidebars, too many fonts, just sooo much to wade through.  The older Dolciani's have a much cleaner design. 


ETA: here's a link to the TM, which is reasonable in price right now...

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You know what, I found one!  The McDougall Littell that the Math Mammoth Lady recommends, is written by Larson.  It has the topics she needs, and the layout has splashes of color and it's super organized.  I bought the TM on Amazon, so I would have the answers.  My dd looked at samples of different books and she wants a text that has some color and some mastery with review.  She liked the Bob Jones Pre-Alg but the topics it the Larson Pre-ALg made more sense, so we went with that.


I decided that since Pre-Alg is a re-cap, with algebra topics mixed in, there is really no real reason to have to choose a book series that we can use through high school.  


I had the Dolciani too.  It wouldn't really solve any problems for my dd, but I do get the allure.  The book itself is small, unintimidating and inviting.  It's not cluttered but the print and layout is visually calm, and the topics are pretty logical.  It has some really advanced word problems and topics mixed in, so I think that's why people like it...it's just a good solid, advanced math book for the age.  But not what my dd needed.  


Math Mammoth would have been great, for a VS, add learner too but it was too advanced.  My dd needed more review of last year's topics.

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