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Lined Paper by Grade


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I'm finding it unnecessary.  My 6yo uses all the papers easily.  Once they're able to make sure the letters are the right size and can imagine the dotted line on wide ruled, it's fine.  For cursive instruction, yes, we use dotted line paper again until the letters are memorized.

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My kids' school had them use regular wide-line paper beginning in 2nd.  (And they were allowed to type their 2nd grade research paper.)


In 1st they kept a journal in a wide-line notebook, but they did not necessarily pay attention to the lines.  ;)

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3 colored lined paper - Preschool, PreK

wide ruled paper - K to 5


For cursive it depends on the teacher and the curriculum. HWOT has their own paper but my kids just use wide ruled for cursive outside of HWOT workbook. They didn't like the extra middle line.


6th and up depends on the subject teacher whether wide ruled or college ruled but most don't care as long as work is done.



My kids preferred college ruled from K so they used that. Their public school teachers didn't mind.

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