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Scheduling Indep Reading/discussion time

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I'm having some trouble figuring out how to schedule independent reading/discussion time.  We are doing the literature portions of Sonlight Core G for my 5th grader and the 2/3 grade readers for my 2nd grader.  How do you do all the reading aloud, as well as make sure they've read what they are supposed to read in time?  Do you have them read in the afternoon, then do the discussion in the morning?  I'm mainly concerned about the 5th grader.  She has a tendency to either get lost in a book, and when I notice an hour later she's read double the amount she was supposed to, or to decide she dislikes a book and not read it but play instead.  My 2nd grader will dutifully read whatever I tell her to read, but then she'll forget what she read if I don't talk to her about it immediately.  So she will need to read during the school day.  I had been doing read alouds together, but I'm thinking that the read alouds in Core G will be way over my 2nd grader's head (plus I have other things I want to read to her).  And did I mention that I have a baby??!  I was okay with the 5th grader getting lost in books and spending lots of time reading at the expense of other things when she was 6 or 7, but now we have other things we must get done (we have a coop that requires work, for one thing.)  And there is math!

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