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Somebody tell me this is a ridiculous gift for a 6 year old (Snap Circuits)

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She can use most of the parts now if she loves electronics. 6 isn't too young as the snap circuits parts are child friendly. Let her just mess with the parts, at most she blow some bulbs which are cheap to replace from RadioShack or any hobby shop.

My kids outgrew snap circuits around 8 and went on to actual components on a breadboard.

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I actually bought that Snap Circuits kit for DD when she was 4. I didn't want to buy the individual kits, having the storage case is *really* nice, and I knew she could grow into them. We did them together at 4. Now that she is 6, she can use the instruction book independentlily and plays more with putting together her own circuits.


So, no, not crazy.

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