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Care to chat about OUTLANDER season 2 finale?

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Ok, now for my spoilers...


I thought the stuff going on in the 18th century was perfect.  But I do wish they'd maintained the book's storyline for the stuff in "modern day".  I felt it made Brianna out to be a bit harsh and I don't recall feeling that way after reading the book.  But Roger was great.  


This was the only episode where I felt disappointed about divergences from the book.  


And now we have to wait for season 3...  I can't WAIT!!!  

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I finally like Roger. I've never really been a fan, but I like him much more in the show than the books. I appreciate how they managed to do the modern parts, considering those parts weren't cast at the beginning. I also love watching my DH watch the show. "How many more seasons? Two? But he's dead. It's the girl, isn't it? I'm going to have to watch the girl for the next two years. I don't like her hair. It doesn't look like his at all. It looks dyed, his is real red. No! We're not going to see the battle are we? I knew it! This long and no battle." And so on.

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I like both book and show Roger.  :-D  


Tell your DH to stop panicking, we'll see the battle in the premier for next season I imagine.  Haha.  


I really hope Bree grows on me.  Her American accent sounded jarring after all those beautiful English and Scottish accents (said the American).  For some reason I had it in my head that she was an engineering major?  Or somehow in the STEM field?  Sigh.  I need to reread the books.


And Murtagh.  I never paid him much attention in the books or season 1, but this season, he has grown on me so much.  I love him!!!

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From what I remember, Bree was originally into History because of Frank.  She went into the STEM fields after Claire went back. 


I do remember not really being a fan of Bree in the books at first.  She had to grow on me and her character had to develop [imho], so this Brianna seemed very much like the Brianna I first encountered in "Dragonfly".


I really liked the episode!

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