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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Depends on whether the maids decide to come today or not.


Get caught up on my "work" work, including organizing my files.


Some organizing and purging in my kids' rooms.


Some laundry.


Clean out the birds' cages.


Pay some bills.


Some reading.


Some exercise.

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Today is my 15 yo's birthday!  My baby is 15!!!!!  How did that happen?????


Take shower before workmen get here (I never showered yesterday!  Ick!)

give dd present of cell phone

She doesn't know it but two of her friends are coming over at 9:30 to surprise her

No school work today

Must declutter and clean.  Never got to it yesterday because the social worker was sitting in the middle of the house for 3 hours working on stuff and then I suddenly realized dd had an extra voice lesson we'd forgotten about.  By the time we got home it was time to make dinner.....

The workmen's 'paint consultant' is coming over at noon to help me pick paint colors.

15 yo's best friend is coming over at 2 to bake her a cake

15 yo is meeting friends at Sliver Diner for milkshakes

I am making an early dinner of chicken enchilada casserole (15 yo's favorite) (though I think she'll be full of cake and milkshakes!)

15 yo goes to rehearsal.

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This morning is the funeral for my cousin.  The wake was last night... It went well I think.  I  think the family getting to have the week to process helped a tiny bit and organ donation helped a good deal.

We were not close. (His sister and I were, but he's eight years younger.)  It was just hard to see my aunt and uncle.



Then I think I'm coming home and taking a nap.

Supper - out of the freezer (orange chicken)

And a whole lot of nothing.





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I'm so sorry, Kelly.  :grouphug:



-get youngest off to 8-5 camp (wish this was every week, LOL)

-workout (30 minutes very intense HiiT training - 40 seconds of drill/20 seconds of rest)

-shower and get ready


-calls I didn't make yesterday:  exterminator, vet, fence company, water filter guy

-straighten up house

-finish laundry (at least 4 loads)

-figure out dinner (DH out of town so probably something easy like French toast and fruit for kids)

-football strength/conditioning for oldest


-figure out first few weeks of Logic curriculum (The Art of Argument)


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Prayers for you and your family today, Kelly.

Dd2 woke up with a stiff and painful neck. It might be her new pillow or just the enormous amount of stress she keeps bottled up inside. Sigh. Anyway, it frees up my morning.


To do:

Clean kitchen

Clean bathrooms

Pick up ds1 from practice

Take both (I hope) to PM practice

Take ds2 to judo


Have a great day!

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I'm sorry, Kelly! Loss is never easy to go through or watch those you care about go through!



Faithr, happy birthday to your 15 yo!



SKL, that's the shortest list I think I've ever seen you have. Enjoy!



We are back at my MIL's from Chicago. We loved the city! We only had 3 days there but would love to go back. We head to TN to my sister's tonight and back home tomorrow. Ds has a 2 day swim meet this weekend, and then I've got to get ready to start school and co-op in August.


My only to-do is to pack up and drive to TN. My MIL is giving us an older car that she no longer needs since my FIL passed away.


I hope you all enjoy your day!


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Good morning

- laundry- in dryer

- fold laundry

- dishes- in dishwasher

- tidy living room (this includes my desk because people think it's a good place to put their crap!!!)- all done but the desk

- clean kitchen

- have girls clean their room (including camper guest because she helped to make the mess)- done

- continue to move my school things to new desk and clean master bedroom (I picked up all my school books and a new bag yesterday (my old bag wasn't big enough to haul all my books and my daily binder and all my classes are on the same day)- done for the day

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- work

- shower

- bedtime routine (the girls wait until I come home to go to bed).

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Well crap.  I lost my pile of urgent things to do.  I had a pile of papers before work got crazy in June.  I go to tackle it and it's gone.  Looked in every reasonable place.  Gone.


I wonder if I accidentally threw it in the garbage before the trip.


I can piece it back together I guess ... I hope ... but man.  I don't like this.


On the positive side, I got a fair amount of organizing done.  I have a lot more to do.  And a new issue arose at work.  Blah.  Working on i.

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So sorry, Kelly.


SKL, that would be my life.


Today...got up late, because of rolling power outages all night, which set off our house alarm, and the dog barking (keep in mind, our house is concrete with marble floors, when the GSD barks and the alarm sounds...the sound bounces off the walls.)  Not a good night for sleeping :(  Oh, and our internet is essentially non-existant.  We're using the mifi as we can, which means school is on the main floor, where we can get a signal. 




Cleaning & organizing


Swimming (practice for the oldest 2, play time for the youngest two, middle stayed home -- also did swimming merit badge stuff)








Watching the AC and shutting doors to keep the cold air in.  Almost time to turn it off again :(  It's HOT.


DH is still in Athens.  I'm ready to throw up my hands with school plans.  Most of what I had hoped to do is having to be scrapped.  :(  Back to the drawing board.

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The maids finally called back.  The boss maid's dad is very ill so she had to go to another state to be with him.  I guess I will reacquaint myself with some cleaning tools I haven't used in a long time.


Had another work issue arise.  It's never dull around here!  :P

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My kid called from camp, saying she feels pukey.  The nurse and I think she just needed to talk to me and get some rest in the air conditioning.  (She does have food sensitivities, but they should pass on their own iykwim.)  Here's hoping ....


It's past 3pm and I have lots to do by 5.  Need to get on a roll!

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Today has not been great.


Funeral over.

DH went to doctor for an impromptu "man" exam and lab tests.

DS got pdf work and car promptly broke down.... I'm waiting for roadside service now.


But it could be worse! (And, as a bonus, I love roadside service. This is a new insurance company for us and I feel very spoiled, lol.)

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Took care of the work emergencies.


My kid called back and begged me to come and get her.  I told her to stick it out for one more day and then call me at 6pm tomorrow and we'll see how she feels then.  Usually she starts out shy but ends up making a friend a couple few days into things.  I also asked the camp people to let her sleep with her sister, as they do at home.  They say everyone is hot and tired (the older kids have been making too much noise until midnight), but things should quiet down and cool down tonight.  We'll see.


I really don't want to go down there and get my kid early.  I'm surprised she is doing this.  I guess she really must be feeling crappy, but being hot and tired isn't a reason to wuss out IMO.  :/  Who knows, maybe she will be a whole new girl tomorrow.  :)

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