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seattle summer


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I don't live in Seattle, but a ways south of it.  I have been enjoying not having a dry summer this year.  We have gotten quite a few nice days with rain in between.  It helps keep things green and not so high for fire danger.  But I am not a fan of summer and much prefer fall weather.

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I love summer in Seattle.  Last year it was on a Tuesday!


I just remember many warm days - the way summer is supposed to be.  and dry . . . and dry . . . . established native trees were unhappy.  I would sit on lake Sammamish and look across the lake, and all the brown maples.  not supposed to do that.  my lawn turned to straw.  seattle lawns don't die if you don't water them, they just turn brown and green up as soon as it rains.   . . . mine turned to black mush.  established conifer trees died.

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