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Singapore math- workbook vs practice book, step-by-step problem solving

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I'm looking into Singapore math and many of the items available interest me. I want to be able to teach it with the text book. I was wondering if the workbook is a place to write out problems from the textbook like what you might use a "scratch" paper for, or if the two products are necessary to use together. Is it beneficial to use a practice book, or does it increase the workload significantly. I was thinking about buying the practice books instead of the textbook workbooks. Do you think it's more beneficial to actually purchase the textbook workbook?

I also wanted to look into the Singapore math step-by-step problem solving, critical thinking, and the challenges workbooks. If you have any input on those it would be appreciated.


*I noticed the practice book I was thinking of is a Frank schaffer publication. Have any of you used this as a supplemental practice book with Singapore math. I also noticed that the "Singapore math" books are an offshoot as well. I would still value input on those as well.

I'll look through available posts to see if this has been covered recently.

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You might get slightly different recommendations depending on whether you are using Primary Mathematics US Edition or Standards or Math in Focus. I don't know a lot about MIF. US Edition and Standards are set up similarly, but the Standards edition seems to have more built-in practice and review.


Outside of the editions, you have the Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems books. They are compatible with either edition. I can't remember if Extra Practice goes with a particular edition or not. 


There is also a series called Process Skills in Problem Solving (FAN math). It's available from the Singapore website as well. These books show step-by-step problem solving, and lots of people like them for more explicit instruction with bar models.


Speaking for US Edition, the TB is non-consumable. You would do problems on a whiteboard or on separate paper. There isn't much room to write even if you don't mind buying new books. The workbook is for independent practice, and those are consumable books. I think the problems are at or slightly below the challenge level of the TB. The Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems books are at text book level and harder, and they are consumable as well (though the IP doesn't have nearly as much writing room as the workbooks). The IP is a mix of skills and word problems, but the CWP is all word problems.


Many people use the workbook on level for independent practice, and then they use the IP or CWP a level or so behind. I have used the IP on level and a bit behind--my two kids learn and think differently, so their independent practice needed to be handled differently. 


I haven't used any Singapore style math books that are not available from the Singapore website (though I don't necessarily order from them every time).



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I have found the frank s books to be a little different than the way things are presented in the official Singapore maths books. For that reason I prefer using the extra practice and intensive practice at a level behind or on level (usually just extra practice). We are only on 2b but have been using Singapore this way since 1a. I would say that yes, the textbooks are necessary and I would substitute them solely with extra practice books. They line up with the textbook. In saying that I do think that the extra practice book is also a necessity for helping concepts stick. A lot of reviews that complain that Singapore doesn't do enough review or drill are from those NOT using the extra practice books/mental maths (in the home instructors guide) and think that Singapore was just designed to be TB and WB only. Sorry for the ramble...toddlers having meltdowns.



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