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Who's going to tackle healthy eating/exercise with me Monday?


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Breakfast - fried egg, chicken sausage patty on Ezekiel bread 1 slice (I use a paper towel to absorb some of the grease), almonds, coffee


Lunch plan - lettuce salad, 2 TJ gf chicken nuggets, 1 t each: pumpkin seed, chia seed, hemp seed, sunflower seed, 1 T. shredded cheese, cucumber, maybe pico de gallo, 2 T salad dressing, water, cracker w/ 1 T. peanut butter


***  The salad above is my go-to lunch.  However, last minute I met a friend for lunch before picking up our daughters.   Wendy's Summer Berry salad and only used approx. 1 t. salad dressing (too sweet).


Dinner plan - doing this now


Tons of water each day.  Try to drink 90 oz. daily.


Exercise plan - busy day so may only do 30 min treadmill



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I have not had breakfast yet. Just coffee. Given the time, I think I probably won't have it, and instead eat a generous helping of rice pasta with chopped veggies and olives, parmesan cheese, and Italian dressing. I'll eat a boiled egg too.


Supper is broiled pork chops - small - baked potatoes, green beans, and broccoli for everyone else. I'm taking a bowl of mixed fresh fruit, and some Swedish meatballs to an event tonight.


I walked 1.25 miles this morning. As long as it is cool in the early mornings, I am going to try to do this four or five times per week. I can't manage it once the humidity climbs and the temperature gets above 85. I feel very nauseous exercising outdoors in those conditions.

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O.k. I'm in...


breakfast: protein oatmeal and cup of hot green tea with no sweetening


Snack: handful of olives and a glass of milk


Lunch: mixed greens salad with shredded cooked chicken and pecans and a bit of low fat balsamic dressing with a glass of water


Snack: Half a banana and a glass of milk


Dinner: not a clue yet...but probably pork loin with broccoli casserole since the kids requested it


Exercise:  30 minutes on Wii Fit (100+ degrees outside so only limited outside forays) plus lots of house work

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Workout:  75 minutes of Cathe Friedrich (30 minutes kickboxing, the rest heavy leg weights and then core) 


B:  black coffee, handful (ok, handfulS) of nuts, 2 slices prosciutto 

L:  2 grilled chicken tenderloins with buffalo sauce over green cabbage, 1 nectarine

D:  spaghetti and meatsauce (homemade) (minus the spaghetti), cut up raw vegetables, maybe half a baked potato


Need to drink more water


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breakfast; chicken sausage, sweet potato, & apple

lunch; BAS (big ass salad :) )

supper; lasagna for the family- since I'm off tomatoes I'm not sure for me yet

snack- fruit nut bar


activity; yoga class this evening and hopefully a walk, girls slept in this morning so we missed our time in the am, want to tromp through the woods if I can keep my energy up this afternoon

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Breakfast: coffee, fruit smoothie (banana, blueberries, blackberries, apple juice, greek yoghurt)

Lunch: grilled salmon on spinach; yoghurt with peaches for desert

Dinner will be: cold pasta salad with tomato, mozzarella and basil

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I'm in. Walked today - trying to do lots of hills on my walks to keep heart rate up, and getting my 10,000 steps. Considering starting C25K again.


Food is still an issue - I'm hungry!


B - berries, chia seeds and a couple walnuts

S - protein bar

L- mediterranean salad with chicken

D- no idea


I need to get more intentional about a meal plan. That's my biggest food issue. Just eat whatever I'm in the mood for when I get hungry. Leads to bad choices! 



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Usual breakfast (cheese toast, coffee)

Usual lunch (salad with chicken, Wheat Thins)

Dinner will be a hamburger patty, sauteed veggies (zucchini/red pepper/onion), marinated cukes.

I've got watermelon cut up in the fridge if I feel the need for a snack.


I got a walk in this morning and have been zooming around the house doing laundry, bathing the dog (and scrubbing the tub!), etc. I've almost got in 10,000 steps already and still have a lot to do. We're heading for the beach on Wednesday and will be there until Sunday. Eating well will be challenging but I should get in LOTS of walking.

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New to this but I sure do need accountability! Thanks for starting this up.


Did a dumbbell workout from PopSugar this am.

B- smoothie

L-1  fried egg over hash browns, 3 dolmades, and watermelon

S- rice crackers with baba ganouj and olive tapenade

D- planning on grilled chicken thigh, buttery rice, and some sort of veggie


I switched protein powders this week and though the taste is amazing, I'm finding myself very hungry a couple hours later. Not sure if I should switch back or maybe add a nut butter, but I don't want to add too many extra calories.

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Dinner:  Made - chicken/broccoli quiche (crustless - forget what this is called), salad


Exercise: Done - 30 min/incline 3/pace 2.5  (I really need to get back to where I was this time last year).


It's SO HOT.here.  I prefer to walk outside but it's too  hot.  Don't want to get dizzy plus it takes me longer b/c it's more taxing.   May try to get out early in the morning.  Just started to rain - treadmill came in handy!  LOL!


Free Weights:  3 sets of 10 each: biceps, tripceps, abs and legs (however, I need to get back to the gym)


Bummer:  I iced some cookies dd made last night and I ate 2. 





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