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What papers for art should I purchase

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I want to do a better job of doing art projects for my kids.  We organized the art supplies and we have NO paper(Aside from paper I use in the printer).  So what 2 or 3 or 4 kinds, sizes,  and brands/types of paper would you get?  My kids are 8 and up.




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What kinds of projects do you have planned?  I ask this because some mediums, like watercolors, work best on heavy paper but others, like acrylics, are fine on most papers. Also, the "tooth" of the paper is important for something like soft pastels.


If you aren't sure yet what you will be doing, I'd go for mixed media paper. It is fairly inexpensive and holds up to most forms of abuse. Personally, I like to buy large pages, they can always be cut down for smaller projects.

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I don't know what projects.  I thought I would get water color paper and then whatever else I need.  I do want to be able to do oil pastels, chalk pastes, markers, pencil, water color, some kind of other paint (recommendations on that are welcome also).


My plan is to use ideas from Art Projects for Kids http://artprojectsforkids.org/




Is there a bad/good brand of mixed media paper?  Is there a weight or type of mixed media paper to look for?



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I use a Canson XL mixed media spiral bound book (blue cover) for art projects and it holds up to ink, acrylics, and collage well. I imagine pastels would work well on it, too. I like that the projects stay together in one book. It doesn't hold up well to watercolors because the paper pills and warps with too much water so I purchased a separate pad of watercolor paper for watercolor projects.

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