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Anyone doing a unit study on the election process?


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As I was working on lesson plans today, I discovered that the US Government workbook I planned on using this year has exactly the right amount of pages to turn it into a unit study on the election process! So - give me your best ideas to flesh out studying about elections, The Constitution, how government works, etc for a 5th grader. 


I'd also like to do some type of related field trip {more than just taking her with when I go vote} - any ideas? 

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I'm doing it with a 3rd grader, so probably way too simplified for a 5th grader, but for what it's worth ...


I'm using The Election Activity Book, I think I got it at Rainbow Resource. So DD will be making an election timeline, doing some polling, making her own ad/slogan/poster, writing about "What I'd do if I were President", etc. Then she'll read Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts and How the US Government Works, both by Syl Sobel.


We've already been to the Capitol, so her main field trip will probably just be going with me to vote. :)

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Farrar's dh wrote a free e-book geared toward children about the presidential elections.  He did a really good job with it and I used it with my high schoolers who are doing a political science class.


Here's the thread where she introduced it:  http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/563681-free-ebook-about-presidential-elections/?hl=%2Bpresidential+%2Belection&do=findComment&comment=6783065

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I'm going to do a whole year of US government with my 5th grader next year. My 10th grader will also be doing government & economics, so it's been fun planning two different levels of all this stuff.


I'm still pulling together the resources that I want to use (mostly stuff off my own shelves that I've collected over the years), but here are a few recommendations.


The US government Federal Citizen Information Center has a couple of free educational posters you can order or download. One is called "How to Become President" and the other is "Three Branches of Government."


Some books specifically on the election process:

Bad Kitty For President by Nick Bruel

See How They Run by Goodman and Smith

America Votes by Granfield and Bjorkman


iCivics.org has some fun online games and lesson plans


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