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A vacation for mom---


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Girls' weekend!!!! We went a few years with close friends, and it was LOVELY. We absolutely did NOTHING. Sat by the pool, napped when/if we wanted to, woke up when we wanted to, didn't have to clean, cook, NOTHING.


The last couple years we haven't been able to go, and how I miss it!! Hoping we get to go next summer

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There were no bathrooms. 


No major cleaning.  Just sweep the floor, take out trash, etc.  Broom clean. 


That I could handle (well, not having no bathrooms)........... when people were talking about top to bottom cleanings, I was imagine washing all the linens, dusting the whole place, top to bottom bathroom cleanings, vacuuming, windows, mirrors, etc...... And I was thinking "I don't think so, not on vacation".

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