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RLTL users...how would I schedule a week that focuses on spelling issues?

Ewe Mama

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Somewhere along the line, I received a free copy of RLTL 1. As my kids all learned to read fairly easily, I never pulled it out to use it. I have been eyeballing it this past week or so as I have watched Faith struggling with spelling. She reads beautifully, and knows the phonograms taught in AAS 1 backwards and forwards. She did well in Level 1 AAS, but Level 2 has become a struggle fairly early on. She is missing words left and right, no matter how carefully I pronounce things for spelling in my boring mid-western accent.


I have looked through the RLTL book, but don't really understand what a week for us would look like. I have read that others use it to help with spelling difficulties for their children who already read, and I was wondering what a typical week looks like for you? She will be able to read the Elson reader with one eye closed, so the emphasis is definitely on the spelling end of it.


Could you please write up a sample week for us? What sort of pace do you recommend? She is easily reading at a sixth grade level, perhaps higher. I do not believe she has any learning issues i.e. Dyslexia or others. She occasionally reverses her numbers in math, but I attribute that to her trying to work quickly.


I would gladly purchase higher levels of RLTL if I could understand how best to use it in her situation.


Thank you!

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I didn't want to answer because my kid is 5. He could read before we started the program, but not nearly as well as he can now. The program is extremely malleable. Here's what we do:


M - Phonogram review, copywork

T - Phonogram review, introduce new phonogram, spelling words

W - Phonogram review, copywork

Th - Phonogram review, spelling test

F - Phonogram review, copywork


This takes 5 minutes a day. Here's what I would do if I were you:


M - Phonogram review, introduce new phonogram, spelling words

T - Phonogram review, spelling test

W - Phonogram review, introduce new phonogram, spelling words

Th - Phonogram review, spelling test

F - Review previously misspelled words


You really can do anything you want though.

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