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Windows upgrade failed reverting


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Hi. All the info I can find says it should revert in 30 to 60 minutes but it isn't. This computer is going to be the death of me. Before I resort to a factory reset any ideas?


It does the same in safe mode

I can't move the mouse or get it to take windows +R when the message is showing



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Don't know. I have the same problem with my laptop. It won't let me upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 so I can get 10. I'd love 10 compared to 8! It always reverts back though. 


Windows 8.1 is apparently AOK.   I was very skeptical, the Saturday afternoon in May 2015, when DD had a huge issue with her Desktop PC (it froze up, but thankfully that was a one time event)  and I'd known before that that she needed to have a Backup PC.  The one among Blair Technology Group's eBay listings that afternoon with Windows 81 and the Hardware Configuration, at that price, was too hard to pass up.  Her Desktop PC has Windows 7.  I read up, on the web, about how to configure Windows 8.1, during the OOBE (Out of Box Experience or first boot of an OS) so the log in would be from a Local User Account and not via a Microsoft/Hotemail/etc. account.  DD has not had any issues with her Windows 8.1 laptop during the past 14 months.  


Windows 8.0 apparently was horrible...

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