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*cry* I'm trying to adjust to rural living...


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Because the activity was four hours long (9am-1pm). What was I supposed to do for four hours? I needed groceries, so I took care of that while they were there.


I've gotten good at this.  Ideas for the future:


--Keep a bag packed with paperwork to sort through and deal with, so you can bring it along.




--Phone calls that need to be made.

--Errands in that direction but further out.


And, of course, once you settle in, visit friends.


If it's a regular class, you'll begin to think "hmm, that's something I can do during their class", and put the supplies in the car so they're ready to go.


If the class is four hours long, and it's an hour away, you're driving two extra hours so you can get two hours at home.  If you stay, you get four hours, and if you plan well, you can get a nice combo of finished work and "me-time".


Of course, you'll also want to start kitting out your car as a super-enriched educational space, with audio books and podcasts and historical music and such, because two hours a week of "what mom wants to listen to" is golden!

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We get our letters delivered but have to pick up parcels. But our post office will email if there is a parcel. Maybe you could set something like that up so you aren't driving in to check on parcels.


Country life is amazing but there are definitely down sides!

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So, Kinsa, I officially no longer envy you anymore. ;)


You're getting all this National Park action, and I'm jealous of that sometimes, but - no lie - I'm a big fan of staggeringly quick delivery. :D

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Yes, beautiful views.  I have the snow-capped Rockies out my window.  They feed my soul.


I would love to trade places with you for awhile, though.  


I keep laughing at the goat/mayor.  That's hilarious.  I have to ask, though.  Is he like an honorary mayor and then they have a real mayor?  Or is Clay all they got?


I suspect a city Council of some sort that does the work. (What there is of it)

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Yes.  The mayor of Lajitas is a goat.  A real, live, goat.  His name is Clay Henry, or something like that.


Here ya go:  http://www.texashighways.com/blog/item/7528-lajitas-gets-its-goat



"He’s a direct descendent of the town’s first and famously beer-drinking goat mayor, Clay Henry." (Quote from article)


:rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

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My best friend's granny and half her relatives lived in Dime Box back in the 70's. I used to spend weekends at their house. I loved the way everyone said "dime". It wasn't exactly the long i sound, and it stretched into 2 syllables!

Oh wow that's a crazy coincidence. Most people have never even heard of it. We were in "New Dime Box". It always cracked me up that there were new and old sections. They both seemed like old German farms to me! I loved it there. My grandmother sold the place about 15 years ago. We keep an eye on it in case it ever goes up for sale. I would sure love to buy it. I love that town. It's so pretty and I like the sticks. :)

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I DO have an fantastic view.  I can see the mountains right out my kitchen window, and they glow golden at sunrise each morning.  Spectacular.


My kids are aching to meet other kids, so I found out about a free art class being held once a week near Lajitas (that's the town famous for its goat mayor), so I decided to take the kids to it.


Well, it takes an entire hour to get to Lajitas (and it's one of the closest places to us).  I drove the kids there, then drove home again.  Then a few hours later, drove back to pick them up, then home again.  FOUR HOURS in the car. Four.


And my kids doubled the size of the class.  (LOL)


At least I got to stop at the general store in Terlingua to pick up a few (overpriced) groceries along the way.  I had to chuckle a little bit at that experience.  There were two store employees and two other customers (who weren't together)... and they all four knew each other, calling each other by first names, asking how this-or-that was, etc.  I'm sure my appearance caused quite a stir.  (LOL)  Anyway, I thought it was... quaint... how each item I bought had literal price tags on them, and the cashier had to type in each price into the cash register... I haven't seen that since the late 1980's.  (LOL)


And I still haven't figured out how to treat the water in my rain barrel.  I have someone coming over on Monday to teach me.  I'm such a city girl.  (LOL)


We lived in WV in a similar situation. I'm talking 30 minutes to get a cell phone signal a library or gas. 1 hour to get groceries, a doctor, a hospital (tiny), or a Catholic church. We once lost power in February for 4 days with a 1.5 year old at home. Our phone line crossed with one of the nosy 'neighbors' so we could hear each other's phone conversations so I couldn't vent to anyone via phone and internet was spotty at best and we had limited bandwidth. Oh, and our nearest neighbor was 1/4 mile away and had alzheimers so she couldn't remember my name and after them the next nearest was 1+ miles away. 


Anyway, I have no tips except to move? lol! Probably not helpful. I lasted a whopping year before I was crying and begging my husband to let us move. He finally found another position so we could move after 2 years in that place. 2 years was enough. 


I'm with what someone else said, that's not rural, that's desolate!  

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I grew up rural and could never go back to that lifestyle, so I get it.


But another question I have is for Amazon Prime members in general. I don't get Amazon Prime. I hear so many stories of people not really getting 2 day shipping, and I thought that was one of the main attractions of it. Also, I get free shipping on Amazopn just by making sure I have $25 worth of books in my cart, or $49 worth of other good, so I just didn't see why anyone would pay for it.



I'm trying. Really, I am.


But I placed an order off Amazon on Monday. I am a Prime member, which is supposed to be 2-day delivery. I knew that because I'm now living rurally that it would likely take more than 2 days... maybe 3 days? 4 days?


I got notified by Amazon that my stuff should arrive today, Friday. Okay. So, 5 days. Okay.


But then I went into the post office, where our PO box is, and asked the lady at the counter if today's shipments arrived. She said they had, but there was nothing for me.


I must have audibly whimpered.


She asked me if I ordered from Amazon, as apparently lots of people here do frequently. I said yes, and she said that I can add a day or two to whatever day Amazon says it will arrive on.


Okay, so... 6 days? 7 days?


No, it'll be 8 days, because the PO window isn't open on Saturdays or Sundays. It's only open M-F from 9-3, with an hour off for lunch. And if she's sick, the window is closed.


And this, after living where I could get TWO HOUR Amazon delivery.



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I'm so sorry, Karen.  :grouphug:  I live very rurally, as in 20 miles from the nearest grocery store and 45 miles from the nearest discount/department store (Walmart), and I don't experience anything like what you're experiencing with Amazon. At one point, I had a lot of trouble with FedEx deliveries from Amazon, so I called Amazon and complained. They put a flag on my account to never use FedEx to ship to me anymore. I wonder what would happen if you called Amazon. Does UPS deliver to your area?


We lived in the same situation you describe but the UPS truck still made it. FedEx was less reliable.


Sorry, Karen. Can you have it delivered to a different PO where you could still pick items up that you need faster? Is this the only PO in a large radius?


Ours was the only PO, next one was 45 min away so no options other than wait. Oh, and the man behind the counter was so familiar with everyone's mail that he'd tell you your Aunt Molly wrote you a letter as he handed it over... :laugh:

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Would it be bad to say I'm jealous?  :leaving:

I live rural, but not rural enough to suit me yet. That said, what always stinks about living out and away has been the inability to get what you need when you need it. No running back to town to get anything. And waiting for everything. 

As for the soles of shoes coming off--a glue gun can put a decent patch on that problem. But I'm already trying to work on setting up some purchases on a schedule for anticipated wear and tear. Like say, shoes must be ordered every six months or so. Clothes twice a year. Vacuum bags every two months. Something like that. Kind of like being a pioneer when you only got to go to town once a year and you had to buy everything then.  Would that maybe help with problems getting things in the future?


I don't know what to do to solve the problem of what to do with the time that the kids are in class. I would probably bring my laptop and work on my writing, but I wonder if you could end up helping with the class or getting involved with it in some way as you get to know folks. I bet there are more people who would love to come up with some activities that they could get involved in that would help to connect with other people and pass the time. 

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I will no longer complain that I have to drive 7 miles to the grocery store or activities.

I know, right? We are 10 miles from a grocery store other than the local creamery three miles away, and half an hour from WalMart, forty minutes from most of our activities. But we are close to at least two Amazon warehouses, and they deliver super fast.


Kinsa, honey, I'm rural. You are not rural. You're in the middle of nowhere. That has got to be quite an adjustment.


Reefgazer, to answer your question: As I said, Prime is very fast for me, but also, I buy a lot of random small stuff. Like, I needed extra charging cords for my new phone, or I needed more laminating pouches. It's very often not books, since my libraries are amazing. But it's also not generally $49 worth of stuff every month. So with Prime, I can pretty much just order small items as I need them. Where I used to live, WalMart was just around the corner, so I could pop in there for small stuff, but now, I'm only near the WM/Target/Staples/etc. once a week or so, and to get small stuff means dragging my crew in for one or two items. No, thanks. So Prime actually saves me money.

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