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Samsung tracfone....question


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For some reason Facebook keeps crashing on me when I try to view it on my phone. The phone is less than 6 months old. I just updated the app and it is still crashing only after a few minutes. Nothing else seems to be crashing...so I am curious if anybody has any thoughts for me.


It's a Samsung galaxy core prime tracfone...if that matters.



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I have a Samsung Android phone.  My reply assumes that you are using a Facebook App.  I do not have the Facebook App installed, but if only one thing on my phone was crashing, I would assume that it is a problem with the App, and not a problem with the phone.  As a PP suggested, first, I would uninstall the Facebook App and then I would reinstall it.  After that, if you still have the issues with Facebook, I would suggest that you log into your Google Apps web page (I do that on my laptop) and go to My Apps and select that App. Down near the bottom, you should find an email address for the Developer, who is in this case is Facebook.  Send them a clear message, as short as possible, but with all the details you can provide to them, so they can reproduce the issue and fix it.  



I have the "Dummies" book for Android phones. The author suggests, that when an App is available, use the App from the company and not a Web browser to get to their site.  

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