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Phonics Pathways - talk to me about implementation


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Also, I just saw in another thread that this is a pretty in-depth program. Dgs is just about to turn 5. Is this too much for him, or should dd use something like 100 EZ Lessons? Would that be easier to implement and then maybe do something like R&S phonics/reading in 1st grade? Thoughts?

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First, I haven't actually used PP. However, it would be my second choice of a program and I've checked it out of the library various times.

As for how long it takes, I'd go more by how well it's going, attention span, than a hard and fast rule. FWIW, I started slightly more formal phonics with DS when he was 5.5. Now he is almost 6. I aim for 5-10 minutes a day of phonics 4ish days a week. That'd be my goal no matter what program we use at that age, unless the child was asking for more.

A major difference between PP and EZ lessons is one is scripted and one is not. I dislike scripted in general, so EZ lessons is forever out for me.

If using PP, we'd probably still use some Progressive Phonics for fun. We also use BOB books and other things like that. But around here, this stuff is fun.

GL to your DD as she makes her decision!

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When mine used PP we opened it to where we left off the day before, worked on it until they seemed spent, put a bookmark in it, and put it back on the shelf.

This is how it worked at my house, too. There were also times when we needed to read enough on a page to show me that they had it and moved on before finishing the page. Those pages have a LOT on them. I actually started with mine before they were 5, but they were sounding out CVC words on their own, so I knew they were ready. I had one that was overwhelmed by the number of words on a page, so I tended to write words on a white board for him and then let him read and erase them. Silly, but we'd cover a LOT more ground that way. It's really easy to use. There's a point in the book that it tells you it's now OK to add easy readers. We did that with Bob books and (our favorite) the Nora Gaydos Now I'm Reading ones. It's a hard program to mess up. She'll be fine! 

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My 5 year old just used it for K. We breezed along for the first one hundred or so pages, and then my daughter started to get less interested in reading such a long block of words. I tried a few games in an attempt to present the words in a different manner. It's not that she is challenged beyond her ability- she actually can read beyond where we're at in PP- but the pages often have long lists of words that just aren't that engaging. We're continuing on, but not at the 'page a day' I'd planned.

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For any young student, but especially an active boy, I would supplement with games. Also, my son did well with some extra spelling and white board writing, he could spell as fast as he could read and working on the white board at times with marker color of choice helped keep him engaged. It is better to work two 10 minute sessions than one 20 minute session, and work with focused attention. He did mainly oral spelling and but wrote a fw on the white board, I often wrote the lesson on the wrote board instead of out of the book.


My phonics concentration game, games with magnetic letters, free games from CAT phonics. I also have new charts and cards that are good reference and also good for an interactive way to build words.


The last paragraph of my beginning reading page has directions for magnetic letter games and a link to the phonics concentration game, also a link to one of the CAT phonics pages, it may be down. The other has the games at the end of each lesson, I will link it directly here.




Mona's other CAT phonics link, the games for each lesson are at the end of each lesson, most lessons have games.




Fun blending ideas:




Charts and cards:



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