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I'm doing America Government with my high schooler this year and so I was looking for some biographies to go along with her readings. I'm thinking of maybe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt... Anyone else you can recommend that would go along with American Government. I'm just looking for some good biographies.

She's not a big reader if that helps any.


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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is a classic. Project Gutenberg has free proofread Kindle and EPUB versions available, while the Internet Archive has free PDF copies.


While not a biography, exactly, the Adams-Jefferson letters shine a lot of light on both parties; they corresponded until the end of both their lives, and talked about a variety of subjects; maybe a useful supplement to a Thomas Jefferson or John Adams biography.

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I really enjoyed Barbara Bush's first book.  Maybe because I was becoming politically aware during that timeframe, but I found her book to be a good read. 

Not strictly a biography, but the Wartime Letters of Robert E Lee is interesting

Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence was a favorite of dd's.  She asked for Wives of the Signers for Christmas last year :)

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