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What about LIFE OF FRED for just Pre-Algebra...

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Most of us would have a lot of trepidation with using LOF as a stand alone all the way through...understandably.


How about, just for pre-algebra?


My ENFP dd is very social, and visual spatial.  She's good at math.  Pre-Algebra seems like a good time to let her have a fun year of math.


I would use all of the LOF Pre-Alg books and combine it with KUMON Pre-Algebra 1 and 2.  


Idk...she also enjoys Derek Owens math, and I have Saxon Alg 1.2 sitting here waiting ....or she could continue with Horizons which she has used successfully since grade 1.


She does not want to go into any science or engineering field, period.  She is very creative and is either going for elementary education or art...I think it would be nice for her to see the love side of math, and have that year of affection for math tucked away in her brain for when she becomes a teacher....



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I did it...I bought them...


I figure, that absolute worst that can happen is that we realize halfway through the year it's not working and finish that half a year of Derek Owens Pre-Algebra.


The best that can happen is that we cuddle on the couch and enjoy math together, and my dd loves math for one blissful year of her life.


I think I am just going to be a rebel rouser and risk it.


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I think fostering a love of math might just be worth it:)

Have you considered supplementing with the Key to Algebra series? The first few are so seriously gradual that if you did them as well you could put together a solid program...the fun of Fred with a bit of painless practice?

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