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My kids are such nerds


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Catherine had her 11 year old checkup today.

Doctor: So, what do you like to do?
Cat: Watch tv
Dr: what else?
Cat: play Minecraft
Dr: Okay...any group or physical activities?
Cat: D&D!!! (At the top of her lungs)
Dr: Excuse me?
Cat: Dungeons and Dragons!
Dr: That doesn't sound like an athletic activity.
Cat: You said group OR physical. It was a binary question, not an inclusive one!


Definitely doomed to be nerds. 


(And yet, Catherine still can't remember her birthday or spell the word "have.")


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I took one of my kids for his first checkup with this doctor (she was new to the practice), when he was a little over three.  The doctor asked him, "So, what did you do today?"  He answered, "Um, we drive."  "Oh, where'd you drive?" the unsuspecting doctor inquired.  Three-year-old gives her the best "duh" look ever and says, completely deadpan, "Here."  Ask a silly question, lady; get a silly answer!

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Last winter when we were on vacation in Florida both dc's had the flu and ended up at an emergency clinic. We took my son first who was really really sick. The doctor asked about the rest of the family and dh replied that dd17 wasn't sick yet but the rest of us were improving. It was decided that dd should go in and get a Tamiflu prescription in order to save the trip as much as possible.


Well my "heathy" dd had a temperature of 102.5 when they took it. The doctor asked her how come she didn't know she was sick, she should not be feeling well. Her answer was she was a bit hot but she was in Florida. Florida is HOT!

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