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Questions about teaching types of writing-summer ponderings

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Writing with a Thesis (among others) devotes a chapter to each different essay type: narrative, description, examples, process, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, division and classification, definition, argumentation.


It also explains that in reality many essays are mixed types.  pg. xi 7th edition “These assignments are based on highly artificial writing patterns.  The patterns overlap and are rarely encountered in their pure formâ€



Here are some questions floating about in my brain.  Maybe they aren’t important questions to ask, but if you have thoughts about them I would love to hear them. 



Is there a best order to teach them in?


Is there an easier to harder order?


Most used to least used?


Most valuable to least?


Do you agree that teaching them in isolation is best? quote from the book “Each pattern is best practiced and mastered by being treated at the start as an independent unitâ€


It is summer break and I have time for pondering... or maybe I am just avoiding digging in to the hard work of planning English...



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