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How to Raise Brilliant Children

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How to Raise Brilliant Children, According to Science http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2016/07/05/481582529/how-to-raise-brilliant-children-according-to-science

This struck me as essentially why homeschooling can be so beneficial: All those hours of contact and interaction. 

"so this is really reinforcing the idea of learning as a social, relationship-oriented process. It's not just a grid for sorting and measuring our kids; it's about how we are relating to our kids.


Golinkoff: The other thing I think is crucial to notice is that we're talking about doing things in the moment with your child. Notice we're talking about buying nothing, signing up for no classes, and no tablets. Not that we're Luddites, but we're talking about how the crucible of social interaction between child and parent really helps set up the child for the development of these skills."

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Nature might set ultimate limits, but few reach their personal ultimate ability unless raised in a way to encourage it.


One of the first things I dislike about school (or homeschooling) is that we call what the kids do, "work" (homework or otherwise).  It's not work - for the most part - a few parts of it are I suppose.  It's encouraging a natural curiosity about our world and how we can make it better by knowing more.


Encouraging and allowing kids to exercise their brains throughout their lives through basic things like play and natural exploration (with answers to questions) can go a long way.  Reading, traveling, watching interesting documentaries all can assist as can socializing with intelligent people (not just academic intelligence, but pros at what they do).


I agree with the article, but it seemed pretty basic to me.  On the other hand, so many folks don't try to raise inquisitive kids (as seen throughout my ps experiences), so perhaps what's basic to me isn't to many.

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