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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

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Fixed my phone :D

Prepare for CFA Day tomorrow (my last fundraiser for about 8 weeks)

Pray the tech gets here for my washing machine, as the laundry overfloweth.

Go to the pharmacy (need ear drops for swimmer's ear).



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I don't think the workmen are coming today.  Rainy, cloudy and horribly muggy here.  Ugh.


Today is take end of year standardized test day!


Today is also declutter all the counters and clean the tile in preparation for getting new countertops (probably Thursday)


Also, clean out fridge, plan meals and go grocery shopping at some


So far I have 93 in my Theology course!  Must study for exam!

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cookies for breakfast :)

leaf blower

school: first day of summer term

post office/library run

change sheets - dried & ready to put on

figure out birthday gift for my grandmother

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Good morning! Dd2 spent the night at a friend's, so no early run to swimming. Ds1 will take in ds2. That means I have time to make a pasta salad for dinner before I leave for a birthday lunch for my mom and ds3 (birthdays actually tomorrow) and then the far away practice. Then home, judo, airport to pick up Dh, back to judo, then home.


To do:

Make pasta salad

Clean kitchen

Pick up kids at practice


Take kids to practice

Get gas and wait

Take kids home

Ds2 to judo

Pick up Dh

Back to judo

Finally home.


Have a great day!

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To do:

Garden is weeded so I guess I'm back to school planning.  Sigh.




Make breakfast

Play on here

Pinterest for Barton games

Make a plan for dinner


School plan


Crochet Class with DD12


Plan a trip to see my aunt & uncle. (We have a big family so I want to visit the hospital for cousin but I also don't want to be in the "wave" of family that might overwhelm them.  Recap: He was in a semi/truck collision last Thursday.  Has head injuries and brain bleeding/swelling.  Currently in a coma but no idea yet what prognosis is.  They expect the brain to stop swelling soon and then maybe a better idea.)

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Good morning

- laundry- in washer

- fold laundry

- tidy house

- master bedroom deep clean

- finish setting up/organizing desk (this kind of goes with bedroom deep clean because a lot of my school stuff is still in there)

- dinner

- work

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done

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dh gotten out the door to work

Ds delivered to his new job

Helped ds with new job paperwork via text.

Dd delivered to summer program.

Human care sort of done.  I probably should properly shower later.

Medical care done

Pet care done

Dishwasher loaded and running.


I'm in the process of cleaning the rest of the kitchen. 

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Tuesday! Hope Tech Support has a great first day of work!


For Today:

Done Dishes

Done Check music practice

Done Work in pantry

Done Wash sleeping bags

Done Wash more sleeping bags

Done Drink water

Done Story time

Done Nap time (more work in pantry?)

Wash more sleeping bags

Early dinner

Drink more water

Kids to music class

Pick up dh from work


Lunch - leftover baked beans and potato salad

Dinner - sandwiches?

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Hi guys!  Today my kids wanted to swim - the pool at this hotel is only open from 8am-1pm (at least they have a pool!).  We had a tour booked for 10am, so they were rolling out of bed at 8am and getting ready to swim.  I took my computer down to the pool area and worked.  :)  Then they showered and we had breakfast.


We toured a monastery in the morning, had lunch there, and then walked and rode the metro to the river tour boat.  It was past 5pm when we said goodbye to the guide.  We went to the hotel to "wash up," but I took a nap.  :p  Finally walked down the street and had dinner and then drove around to see Kiev at night.  My kids were wiped out, but I had (have) work to do, so I'm up for a while longer.  It's 4:10am here.  Hopefully I will be in bed by 4:30.  We need to leave for the airport at noon, and I have a lot of packing to do.  Hmm, we probably need to check out before noon ....

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got house clean enough for cleaner to come.😎


Got ready for the big rain and flood predicted for wednesday. We don't get flooded at our house, but we do get cut off form civalisation.


Ds12 shifted a whole wood pile onto pavers so we will be able to keep the house warm with dry wood.


Ds21 has come home for a visit.

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