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AOPS Intermediate Alg with public school geometry

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D13 is a 8th grade public school kid


D13 "afterschooled" Foerster Algebra I in 7th grade while taking Algebra I in 7th grade at school. She did great with both.


She has been resistent to really try AOPS pre algebra and Intro to Algebra texts (Have them both).


I asked her to go through the AOPS Intro Alg text and work on anything she did have in Foerster.


She is doing fine with this and not geting frustrated like she has before everytime she try AoPS.





Woud it be ok to start AOPS intermediate while taking geometry in public school? I was thinking we could slowly work on AoPS and supplement with Foerster Alg 2.  


I was not planning on supplementing on formally doing an afterschool text on geometry but using youtube to help as needed.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The AoPS Intermediate Algebra book is the thickest in the series. It might take two years afterschooling depending on what your daughter's other afterschool and weekend commitments are.

While I agree with all of this, I don't think the thickness is the reason. It moves more quickly than the Intro books.


Two years won't be a bad thing, either. The depth exceeds algebra 2 by such a significant amount that the second year won't have a lot of redundancy. Instead, it will reinforce during the "down" year of geometry while prepping more effectively for precalculus in the second year.

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The aops geometry book is worth it as enrichment if it's not a financial pain. Two years isn't a bad thing, I meant to just give you a heads up on buffering time when planning.


My older was stuck on sections in two chapters of intermediate algebra so he continued and then went back to it after he has done the last chapter. I also pulled a topic from the precalculus book which is taught here in public school algebra 2 before common core. Since he wanted to go back to B&M, I matched topics just in case.

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