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Movie idea for a 12 yr old?


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Sick kid here. He's been sick for two weeks. Everyone else is out at a baseball game. We need a movie. :)


For once, he doesn't have a little sister watching, too.


Any suggestions? He's loved Percy Jackson, the first 4 Harry Potters, and he like science fiction. But anything new would be good!


We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and I can rent from iTunes.

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I Am Number Four

Guardians of the Galaxy

Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Count of Monte Christo

Disney Nature Monkey Kingdom 

Disney Nature Bears


Hope he feels better soon!

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some older movies my boys enjoyed at that age:

fivel, an american tail

free willy

homeward bound

second hand lion


transformers (they liked it . . .)


dudeling (11) watched 1776 with us last night - and he was paying attention and asking questions.  older boys watched it about this age, and to this day, 2ds will quote from it.


for tv series:

modern marvels


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