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German for 4th grade?

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I'm looking for two recommendations, which may be the same, or may be different.


First is for my niece. She will be in fourth grade in fall, and goes to public school. They will be starting to learn a second language and she has chosen to learn French. Her mom (my SIL) would really like her to learn German as well. My SIL is from Germany, and spoke mostly German to her children for the first couple years of life. They can speak some German, but I think she would like them to be able to read and write German as well. I'm guessing she is looking for something more self-taught, but I'm not totally sure about that.


Next is for my daughter, who will also be in fourth grade in fall, but will be homeschooled. I would like her to learn German as well, as we have a large population of German immigrants where we live. She does not know any German currently, so we would be at square one.

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Look at Saturday schools (link is in my siggy - general site, not the one we go to). They are scattered around the country and if you have a large german population around you, there may be one already. They can test her and place her often on the first day. They placed my son at K this year, but after 1 day he was bumped up to first grade (what he would be in if he were in public school in that state). This year he will be in 2nd grade I think. 


Registration just opened at my son's school and they give a discount if you pay by a certain date (ours is before the end of August). Good luck!


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