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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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Happy Independence Day!



a little house cleaning (not much)

make potato casserole

make hand pies with kids

send kids and Dh to the pool for festivities there


friends for dinner

go to fireworks? it is supposed to rain, blah!!!!

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Happy 4th! I am up early to water (dragging hoses around was what I had to do as a kid and I am having flashbacks...). Kids have practice and I will go to the store. The rest of the day is pretty open.


To do:

Water (done)

Laundry (started)

Practice/store (leaving in 10 minutes)


Take dd2 to party later

Get ready for week (and new normal of being the sole driver for swimming)


Have a great day!

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Happy 4th!


I don't think I've been on here since dd got home last Thursday night. We sent ds off on a mission trip to the north GA mountains this weekend. We leave tomorrow to go back to Ohio and then on to Chicago for a quick vacation. We cancelled our NYC trip because this week is dh's mother's birthday, and we want to be with her so soon after losing dh's dad. 





work on co-op files needing updating on our Facebook group


To Do:


packing for trip

meet a co-op mom to pick up some books

quick grocery store stop


tidy house

get cat food to neighbor to take care of our cats while we're gone

see fireworks with friends tonight




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:patriot: Happy Independence Day Friends!  :patriot:


Stayed up super late working.  Got up and put dinner in the crockpot and then dh sent me back to bed to get a couple more hours of rest. :001_wub:



unpack and put things away

make a huge salad to go with dinner

decorate, clean, and purge


We have been watching fireworks from our house for the last 3 nights...people really like their fireworks here in TN.   :p

Hope you all have a wonderful day and holiday with your family! 



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Today's been.... exciting?


Call *my* daddy

Make coffee & breakfast

My parents show up - takes BOTH trucks to pull DS' car from the ditch.  (BTW, word to the wise, resetting your GPS is no different than texting and driving.  Distracted driving is distracted driving.  He isn't hurt and the car... we'll see.  Doesn't appear to be much more than scratches and dings.)

Take a garden walk & visit with Grandma and Grandpa.


Clean the office. (I do this 2x a week and put it off until today instead of the weekend) during naptime

Be lazy

Late supper


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