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children's Bible without pics? 4-7 year old bible ideas?


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I am looking for a children's bible for ages 4-8ish that does not contain illustrations. Anybody know of any?


I have an almost-four-year-old that is deathly afraid of the story of David and Goliath (sparked by a picture of a mean looking Goliath he saw nearly two years ago). This fear has been present from age 2.5 on and is so severe that he literally shakes and cries if we try to read him bible stories out of a children's bible. We are generally authoritative parents, but this fear is just incredibly real for him and has been present for a long time, and I don't see it abating soon, so we have ceased with children's bible readings.


Since we believe in teaching our kids God's word at a young age, I have worked around this by purchasing a lot of the biblewise story books recommended by VP, and some I can read bible stories. We have worked through creation, read the full story of Moses, Elijah, Noah, Joshua, etc, have books about Jesus and miracles, Easter, Christmas etc. I choose one book and read it in it's entirety every day for a few weeks until he nearly has it memorized and we have discussed it, and then I move on. In a way I like this, because I feel like he is retaining the info and stories much more thoroughly than if we were reading new short bible stories every day, but at the same time, I feel like I want to be able to read through s children's bible in its entirety several times between the ages of 4-7. I don't know if what we are doing now will suffice for the next couple of years.


I do have a kids adventure bible in the NIV and this ds is capable of understanding pretty advanced lit (currently obsessed with Milne's Winnie the Pooh), but I don't know if reading from a kids bible at age four is realistic? And will he retain anything if we just touch on each story?


What does everyone do for bible in early elementary? I am mostly interested in him learning the stories right now, and getting a good grasp of Old Testament leading to Christ, Christ's life, teachings, miracles, death, resurrection, salvation etc. I don't care about it from an academic standpoint right now...I want to keep the Bible and Christ at the forefront. Not interested in "devotions" or character development really right now. I do like the look of something like Foundations Bible curriculum, but again, not sure if we are dealing with a kid old enough to be read to from a real bible? If there is a kids bible out there without pics if love to know!!


We do also memorize scripture (knows probably 15 verses so far) and other important stuff like apostles creed, Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer....


Please share experiences, resources etc.




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My son was given an adult Bible as soon as he could read. It's just a regular KJV in his favorite color.


Our favorites have been the Bible For Kids App, The Jesus Storybook Bible (has pictures), My ABC Bible Versus and Big Thoughts For Little People.


We'll be using The Bible Study Guide For All Ages in kindergarten.

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Wow, thank you all so much! Tibbie Dunmar, that link is amazing and exactly what I'm looking for! having that list of "episodes" is the missing link for me I think. That makes it seem possible...and the reading and narration is right up my alley. Great! Thank you!

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Thank you for the Penny Gardner lists. My daughter admitted sheepishly that she was bored with Genesis because she gets so much of it, from everywhere, and as she begins having private Bible reading time she wanted to read from Acts.  This was perfect. I just copied that part of the list over to Excel, made a quick column for her to check off as she reads daily (she feeds off that kind of thing). She can keep it in her Bible--so simple, so do-able. I am hoping that I can read the same excerpt aloud to my 1st grader and we can discuss it altogether. We will see:)

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