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Retiring Homeschooler

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Hello all,


Our family has classically homeschooled for the last twelve years, supplementing with online school in high school. We just graduated our first (and possibly last) student - home and online schooled all the way and attending university in the fall! 


Due to changes in our family's situation, we decided to send the rest of our five children to a classical charter school while I go back to work for the time being. I know this seems like an odd time to be joining this forum, but I've been lurking here for a while enjoying all you ladies' wisdom and insight and I hope to give back a little now.


I have tons of elementary level home school books that I plan to list in the classifieds, but I'd also like to make myself available to share experiences or answer any questions about curriculum. In addition to what I'll be listing, our family used the Veritas Press curriculum and online classes (Omnibus, math, science, languages) heavily for 7-12th grade.


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Welcome! I'm new here, too, on the other end of the experience spectrum. It's kind of you to offer your experience and curriculum when you must be extremely busy with your own family and work. Congratulations on your first graduation!

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