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9th and 10th grade thread

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I searched and cannot find what others are doing. So, please post here what you are doing for 9th grade, or what you did do for 9th grade. If you already did 9th grade, please add in what you plan to do for 10th. Thanks!



Mine (I am not labelling grade levels yet, I have not decided).

Last year did (2015-2016)...

Jurgenson's Geometry with the Duke Tip syllabus (1 credit)

Outsourced World History and Lit/English (2 credits)

MP Latin (1 credit)

NO science


Over summer, started Science Shepherd (1 credit). It is going slower than molasses.


This fall (2016-17),

Foersters Algebra 2 with Trigonometry (1 credit)

2nd half of World History and Lit/English (2 credits)

MP Latin (1 credit)

Finish Biology, start something else

Karate (1 credit)

Painting (1 credit)

Art Appreciation (1 credit)

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9th grade: (both DD and DS)

AoPS Geometry (1cr)

College Physics (1cr)

World Literature and history: Ancients (2cr)

French (DD)/ Italian (DS) (1cr)

fractional credit electives: PE, Music/Fine Arts, Computer skills, History of martial arts (DS), German


10th grade: DD

AoPS Intermediate Algebra (1cr)

AoPS Precalculus (1cr)

Chemistry (1 cr)

World literature and history: Medieval+Renaissance (2cr)

French 2 (DE) (1cr)

fractional credit electives: German (0.5) PE (0.25), Health (0.5), Computer skills (0.25), Music/Fine arts (0.5)


10th grade: DS

AoPS Intermediate Algebra (1)

Chemistry (1)

World literature and history: Medieval-1850 (2)

Psychology (1)

German (1)

fractional credit electives: PE (0.5), Health (0.5), Computer skills (0.25), Fine arts(0.25)




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Last year in 9th grade:

-Biology (homebrew using the Miller Levine Text) (1)

-Algebra I (Saxon) (1)

-English 9 (homebrewed - using literature selections, vocabulary.com and Best Grammar Workbook Ever) (1)

-US Government (1 semester using primarily primary source documents and current events) (0.5)

-Intro to Economics (1 Semesters using the Uncle Eric books, Crash Course Economics, GC How to Think Like an Economist, and Financial Fitness for Life) (0.5)

-Russian 1 (using a variety of sources but primarily Russian Step by Step) (1) *

-Drama (classes at our co-op, volunteer with children's theater group) (0.5)

-Music (clarinet and guitar) (0.5)

-Religious Studies (0.5)


10th Grade this Fall

-British Literature and Composition (1) (literature selection, Vocabulary.com, Barron's Grammar for the SAT/ACT, WWS)

-Composition and Rhetoric (0.5) (Art of Argument/Building an Argument)

-British History - Fall (0.5) (homebrewed)

-Geography - Spring (0.5) (homebrewed)**

-Algebra 2 (Saxon 3rd Edition and Zacarro Real World Algebra) (1)

-Astronomy (0.5) (starting with a Coursera course and some other stuff ;) ) **

-Geology (0.5)**

-Russian 2 (1)  (using Step by Step Russian and Mango languages)

-PE : Hiking and Backpacking (0.5)

-Culinary Science (taking a semester cooking class at Co-op, plus additional cooking and GC Food: A Culinary History) (0.5)


*I am (or was once) fluent in Russian

** Approaching Astronomy/Cosmology, Geology and Geography through a lens of Big History


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9th grade:


Spanish - dual enrollment (4.0 credits - she's taking two summer classes and then one for fall semester and one spring semester)


English - Lightning Literature American Lit, Fix It! Grammar, Vocabulary from Classical Roots (1.0)


Algebra 2 - Thinkwell (1.0)


Biology - Oak Meadow plus lab intensive from Landry (1.0)


World History - Oak Meadow (1.0)


P.E. - gymnastics (0.5)

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9th grade, in progress:

Math - Algebra 2 w/ Videotext (we will do Geometry after this)

Spanish 1/2 (finishing up 1, starting 2) - EasyPeasy + Breaking the Barrier

Science - Biology w/ Lab: Ecology, Evolution & Natural History

English - Rhetoric & Composition - w/ me plus BW Expository Essay

              Creative Writing - BW Passion for Fiction, BW Writing the Short Story, plus independent writing projects

              Ancient World Literature

(not sure how many credits this will end up being, certainly more than 1. Could be up to 3)

History - Ancient History/Great Books

Theater Arts - Greek Tragedy & Shakespeare

IHF/PE - OM's syllabus plus exercise - maybe just 1/2 credit this year, spreading it over 2 years.



Horseback Riding/show jumping

Theater - performance w/ youth theater troupe, internship w/ adult theater troupe



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I do final transcripts by subject not by year! :)


9th grade


MUS Prealgebra  (1)                   (may or may not include on final transcript)

FLVS Physical Science  (1)

FLVS H English 10   (.5)

Kolbe Modern Lit  (.5)

FLVS Psychology  (.5)

BHS Acting I  (.5)                       (local high school class)

FLVS Driver Education  (.5)        (likely will not include on final transcript)

FLVS Theater, Cinema and Film  (1)



10th grade (last year)


MUS Algebra I / Keys to Algebra (1)

FLVS Biology   (1)

FLVS Intensive Reading   (.5)

Composition I (DE)  (1)

Psychology (DE)   (.5)

Intro to Japanese  (.5)

Intro to Chinese  (.5)

BHS Adv. Acting  (.5)

BHS Technical Theater  (1)



Due mostly to dual enrollment, in 11th grade dd will earn:


Foreign Language - 4 credits

Math - 1 credit

Science - 1 credit

English - 1 credit 

History - 1 credit 

Theater Electives - 2.5 credits



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For 9th grade, just finished last month, dd did:


World Regional Geography (DE)

Theatre Appreciation (DE)

American History (Sonlight 100)

American Literature (Sonlight 400)

Chemistry (Apologia)

Geometry (Khan Academy)

Spanish II (Puntos de Partida)

Veterinary Science (4-H)

I gave her .5 credit of Art for all the art/craft things she learns and does on her own.

She also started driver's ed with dh.


For this coming year, 10th grade:


Honors Biology (2 semesters DE)

Rhetoric & Composition (2 semesters DE)

Government (Sonlight)

20th Century Literature (Sonlight--modified)

Algebra II (Khan Academy)

Physics (Apologia--modified)

Spanish III (Puntos de Partida)

Laboratory Science & Technology (4-H)

She will continue with driver's ed.



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9th grade:

Algebra:   Horizons Algebra 1st semester.  Mathusee Algebra 2nd semester.

English 9:  Seton High School Grammar.  Seton Composition.  Memoria Press Greek Myths and Trojan War.  

Ancient World History (HoAW 1st semester.  Human Odyssey 2nd semester.)

Biology (Hoagland textbook)

French 1 (So You Really Want to Learn French 1)

Health (Abeka Health from a Christian Perspective)

Drama 9 (based on puppeteer hours)

Driver's Ed


10th grade:

Algebra:  Keep working on Mathusee Algebra

Geometry: Lifepac

English 10:  Abeka Grammar & Composition, Abeka Vocab, Abeka English Lit Vol. 1, misc. medieval and early ren. lit

World History 500-1500 using Human Odyssey


American Government

French 2 (So You Really Want to Learn French 2)

Art History



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10th grade:


English: Scott Foresman Classics in World Literature


History: World history through Middle Ages using various Great Courses lectures and Spielvogel's Western Civilization


Math: Dolciani Algebra 2


Science: Biology using CK-12 Biology textbook and DIVE Biology


Spanish- haven't decided yet


Electives at local high school: Band, Theater and American Popular Music





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I'm still getting together plans, but 9th grade will look something like this for my kid who has a high interest in STEM :


Math:  AOPS Counting and Probability 0.5  and  AOPS Geometry 1

History:  World War 2 - Present (homegrown: text+documentaries+++) 1

American Government and Politics (homegrown: text? and following the election) 0.5

Literature and Composition (Eclectic mix, still deciding on resources) 1.0

French (finish French 1 with Contacts and Mango and start French 2 with Contacts)

Arabic (finish Arabic 2 with Arabic for Life and Introduction to Spoken Standard Arabic A Conversational Course)

Java Programming (online course TBD) 1

Chemistry (Chang textbook?  and lab) 1

Astronomy (homegrown:  text +) 0.5

Other electives:  Fine Arts 0.5 and PE 0.5


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Still finishing up 9th (7 credits):

Jurgensen's Geometry (1 cr)

US History to WW1 (1 cr)

Early American Literature (1 cr)

Honors Physics (Derek Owens) (1 cr)

Spanish 2 (La Clase Divertida) (1 cr)

Latin 1 (1 cr)

Intro to Poetry (.5 cr)

Intro to Speech (.5 cr)


Plan for 10th starting in the fall (7 credits):

Foerster's Alg 2 (Homeschool Connections) (1 cr)

Government (local class) (.5 cr)

Modern American Literature (Center for Lit) (1 cr)

Honors Composition (Wilson Hill) (1 cr)

Spanish 3 (La Clase Divertida) (1 cr)

Latin 2 (1 cr)

Chemistry (Landry Academy) (1 cr)

Something for Social Studies 2nd semester (.5 cr)

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9th grade just finished:

Algebra 1, BJ Press

Earth Science with lab, combo of different publishers

Latin 3, Henle

Ancient World Lit and History

Computer Technology Applications

PE, various fine arts 1/2 credits.


10th grade very soon to get going:  I am still fine tuning this so it is not too much work. The drama is already finished this past summer - so it will count for 10th grade.

Geometry, BJ Press

Biology, Apologia

Medieval and British Lit

Medieval World History

Early Music History, Professor Carol

Intro to Art History, combo of various sources

Logic related course- 1/2 credit

PE - First Aid and Health

Drama, mystery and suspense lit, and other music related 1/2 credit electives

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With 9th she started working with a hybrid program at our local high school that lets homeschoolers access online courses with teacher support, so the last two years have been a mix of at home and online classes. She also began block scheduling with those courses from the public school, so it was a mix of semester-long blocks and year-long at home classes.




Spanish 2 -- online class that began in the summer and ended in Sept

Saxon algebra 1

College and career prep


Latin 1

Honors English 9

Honors biology with lab

Honors intro to visual and performing arts (a combo of painting/drawing/photography at co-op, attending a variety of performances, working backstage at local community theatre and some additional readings)

PE (half credit, composed of things she was already doing)


Total  8.5 credits


10th grade:


Algebra 2

Latin 2

Honors English 2

Honors chemistry with lab

Honors American history since 1865

Honors Intro to social science (used edx course on sociology and Coursera course on psychology)

Exploring culture through world literature (used Great Courses "Customs of the World," and read a variety of things from around the world--novel, short stories, poetry, play)


Total: 8 credits


She will be primarily doing dual enrollment for the next two years.


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DS2: 9th grade

Ancient Literature 1cr

Geometry 1 cr

Latin 2 1cr

AP geography 1 cr

Physics 1 cr

Glass Blowing 0.5 cr, PE 0.5 cr


DS2: 10th grade

Honors English 2 1 cr

Chemistry 1 cr

Algebra 2 1 cr

Ancient History 1 cr

Latin 3 1cr

German Language and Culture 1 cr

PE 0.5 cr


DS3: 9th grade (well, this is my plan for the coming year)


Honors Writing 1 cr

AOPS Intro to Algebra 1 cr

Physics 1 cr

Japanese 1 1 cr

German 1 cr

Medieval/Renaissence History 1 cr

Gaming Technology and Programming 1 cr

Digital Arts 0.5 cr, Ceramics 0.5 credits


He started the online class back in May so all of Alg 1 should be done by Christmas.  I do not know yet what he will do after that; could be review, could be Intro to Number Theory, could be geometry

He also started on his Digital Arts class and should finish in late October, Ceramics will be done by Christmas.

Japanese and Gaming Technology are done through the local high school.

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We are stretching 9th grade over 2 years so this coming fall will be the second part of 9th grade. I'm still in planning mode:


1. Math: HMH Fuse Algebra 1 (second half of the course)

2. English 1:

     - Grammar: MCT The Magic Lens 1

     - Writing: Time4Writing Writing Paragraphs

     - Writing: Bravewriter: Writing the Short Story (in prep for National Novel Writing Months...she may give it a go)

     - Vocabulary: Membean

     - Literature: private online class

     - Other Writing:

         - She will have a research report to write in science

         - We will try BrainFuse which is free through our library and students can send their writing in for feedback

3. Science: Elemental Science high school biology (with Late Nite virtual labs)

4. History: History Odyssey Modern Times Level 2 (second half of the course)

5. Foreign Language: LivelyLatin (second half the the course)

6. P.E.: horseback riding

7. Volunteering: at horse stables


The loose plan for 10th grade is:


1. Math: Geometry, Teaching Textbooks? 

2. English 2: 

     - Writing: Bravewriter: Expository Essays, MLA Research Essay and High School Writing Projects

     - Vocabulary: Membean

     - Literature: private online class

3. Science: Elemental Science high school chemistry (with Late Nite virtual labs)

4. History: U.S. History

5. Foreign Language: Latin (not sure who with)

6. P.E.: horseback riding

7. Volunteering: at horse stables


:willy_nilly:  :D 


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9th grade- in progress- right now we are doing block scheduling rotating through some subjects:


History /Literature (TOG Year 1- Ancients)- 2 credits

Algebra I - CLE - 1 credit

Biology- Apologia- 1 credit

Logic 1 (not sure if we will do 2 this year or next- .5 credit

US Government- Notgrass- .5 credit- summer class

Latin I- Visual Latin- 1 credit

Art- Homeschool group- .5 credit

Game Theory- Homeschool group- 1 credit


Extracurricular- Martial Arts

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I almost feel like I shouldn't reply because I have no experience; just plans for 9th grade for this fall. Nevertheless, this is what I have for him:


Math - finish TT Algebra 1 and begin MUS Geometry

Literature - conglomeration of a book list, some literature from Notgrass history and R&S Reading to cover short stories, etc.

Writing - Writing to the Point by Kerrigan, narrations and essays across curriculum and learn research paper, will also include some spelling work at his request

Science - Apologia Biology

History - Ancients using Notgrass Exploring World History and some other things, part of this will count toward World Geography

Bible - parts of Notgrass and R&S

PE - hockey and whatever else he does


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I feel like we only got half a year out of 9th grade. My dd14 has a birthday right on the cut-off date for our state, so I don't think it'll be devastating to take an extra semester. Or who knows, maybe some executive functioning skills will kick in and she will catch up on everything...

9th grade:

-FLVS Biology (semester 1)
Campell's Biology (semester 2)--this will continue into the fall.
-American Lit & Composition (co-op)--these were 2 classes and she dropped out over Christmas. I'm calling it a credit for both.
-Spanish 2--TPS
-Art (watercolor and acrylics)
-Math--some Jacob's Algebra, some Coconuts & Crocodiles--to be continued.
-Model UN (one semester at co-op)--not totally sure if I can put this on a transcript, but she learned soo much.

Some random creative writing and costume design classes.




This summer she's doing a community theater program and FLVS Driver's ed


10th grade plans:

-Algebra: Finish C&C and Chuckles

 begin Geometry: A Guided Inquiry (with Math Without Borders)?

-English:Help for High School (BraveWriter)
    Literature List from EiL and Boomerang
-Art of Argument
-Spanish 3 (BYU Independent Study)
-Maybe Rosetta Stone Japanese and/or Japanese 1 (BYU IS)
-History: American Odyssey + supplements
-Science: finish Campbell's Biology 
    Conceptual Chemistry


She also wants to do a science fiction literature class that BYU has, but there's already too much on her plate....

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10th grade starting in August:

Calc BC - Larson et al

World History - Holt Human Legacy as a spine

English 2 (grade 10) - homegrown with LLATL Gold, some grammar and lots of writing

Chemistry- Zumdahl with labs from All Lab No Lecture

German 1 - gotta remember to get some tutor recommendations here soon!

2 band classes at the local high school and private lessons.

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Can I ask why you are switching providers for Spanish?


I will be in the market for Span 4 next year, so I am always interested in feedback.

TPS was too intense for her. I think it's a good program, but too rigorous for a kid who is totally oblivious to real world things like deadlines.


It looks like the BYU high school classes are self-paced (or at least flexible) so maybe she'll have the time to absorb more vocabulary.


Edited to remove personal info.

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Ds 9th:

Physical Science - Apologia

Omnibus 2 - local class

Spanish 1 - La Clase

World Geography - local class

Algebra 1 review/Geometry Lial's & MUS

Logic - local class

PE - .5 cr


Ds 10th:

Biology - Apologia

Omni III - local class

Spanish 2 - La Clase

World History

Algebra 2 - Lial's

Driver's Ed/ PE


Extracurricular: Boy Scouts, Cotillion, Volunteer at local food pantry, Teaching Asst. at Cotillion, Strategy Games

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I have a non-traditional, mostly dual-enrolled student and my transcript is subject-based. What I have on paper as 9th and 10th:


9th grade (6.75 credits):

Math (Algebra 1 and Geometry were completed prior to this) - Algebra 2 & Trig, and Intro to Group Theory (2)

English - Intro to Shakespeare & 19th-20th Century British Literature (0.5 + 0.5)

Science - Honors Physics (Derek Owens, with labs) and Thinkwell's AP-compatible Biology with lots of additional materials (no hands on labs) (2)

Social Studies - Intro to World History with an Ancients focus (1)

Electives - Piano and Jazz Band (0.5)

PE - Swimming (0.25)


10th grade (8.75 credits):

Math - Calculus 1 & 2 and AoPS Group Theory Seminar (2.5)

English - Science Fiction & Fantasy (1)

Science - Elementary Modern Physics & Physics for Scientists & Engineers I - Mechanics (2)

Social Studies - none (we did listen to/ watch and discuss Great Courses history titles but I wrapping those under 9th grade's credit)

Electives - Piano and Jazz Band (0.5), Film (1) and Intro to C++ (1)

PE - Swimming, Badminton, Spinning/ Circuit Training (0.25 + 0.25 + 0.25)


I wasn't planning to issue quarter credits but I am not sure how else to compute PE credits as they were 1-unit DE classes. 0.33 looks even worse so I'm sticking to 0.25!

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LEGOManiac 9th

Italian Language and Culture 1

English 9

Algebra 2


Modern World History with Geography

Health & PE


PonyGirl 9th (this coming year)

German 3

English 9 (comp and lit)


Either Physics or Environmental Science

Marine Biology

Either AP Human Geography or World History

Either engineering CAD or Home Schooled


LEGOManiac 10th

Italian Language and Culture 2

English 10

American History

Advanced Chemistry



Engineering CAD

Robotics 1

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My ds will be 9th grade:

English: LLFLotR, grammar review

Math: Geometry(Math without Borders)

Science: Holt Environmental(have OM schedule)

History: Notgrass World

FL: German I (Landry)

Other: Graphic Art with GIMP(Landry)

PE:  counting hours of mountain biking/unicycling/walking/rock climbing/other

Volunteers at church once a month


My dd is technically a young 8th grader however her schedule is pretty advanced and if she performs well we will count it as 9th:

English:  BJU Lit 9

Math: Geometry(AskDrCallahan)

Science: Physical science(Rainbow)

History: Biblioplan Year 2

FL: ASL II (Landry)

Art: Colored and watercolor Pencils(Landry) 0.5cr

Volunteers at church once a month, AHG



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Dd will be a 9th grader in the fall.


French - French in Action, though I'd love for her to take an IRL class

Math - Thinkwell and Khan Academy Alg I and Geometry review and/or Alg II, though I'd love her to take an IRL class

Science - probably something related to Physics... though she'd probably prefer Marine Biology... oh, now I'm rethinking my plans...

History - Sonlight Core 100 (US History) and The Well-trained Mind suggestions

Language Arts (Literaure and Writing) - Sonlight Core 100 and WTM suggestions, plus I'd love her to take an IRL class... I have Teaching the Classics and The Elegant Essay... hmmm...

Art of Argument -- I have this. I'd love to do it with her. At this age (and this personality) though, she's gotta be on board or it aint gonna happen. I'm not sure she wants "one more thing..."

Music -- weekly viola lessons, quartet coaching, orchestra, ear training, music theory, and studio class... and daily practice

PE - intro to tennis

additionally, I'd love for her to do Debate, but she's against the idea... but she'd love to do some acting (on stage)... local classes or local theater or somesuch...

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9th grade (just finished):

- Honors English 9 (at co-op)  (1.0)

- Algebra II (1.0)

- AP chemistry (at co-op) (1.0)

- World History I (to 1800) (1.0)

- Intro to Psychology (Meyers Psychology in Modules) (1.0)

- German 1I (OSU) (1.0)

- Music Theory (0.5)

- PE (Irish dance, tennis) (0.5)

- Extracurricular:  chess club, Piano



Over the summer:

- Intro to Creative Writing (at local university) (3 college credits, 1 hs credit)

- Drivers ed



10th grade (this fall):

- Honors English 10: Lit and Composition (homegrown) (1.0)

- Precalculus (either Derek Owens or Precalculus by Stewart at home) (1.0)

- Honors Biology with lab (Miller and Levine as base text, online videos, lots of labs) (1.0)

- World History II (Ways of the World as primary text, lots of reading, 1800 to present) (1.0)

- German 2 (OSU) (1.0)

- Intro to Computer Science: Java (1.0)

- Advanced Creative Writing (co-op) (1.0)

- Art:Material Exploration & Art history (co-op) (1.0)

- Extracurricular:  North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) club (January competition), chess club, Piano


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9th grade still isn't completely solidified over here, but the current draft includes:


Physical Geography (summer 3cr college program)

Algebra I, Saxon

French I, Breaking the Barrier w/Duolingo practice

English I, The Elegant Essay and Windows to the World, except I've been finding it very difficult to adapt to secular use

Environmental Science with Envirothon study/competition, possible AP test

Human Geography, possible AP test

Lab Science

Public Speaking

Musical Theatre

Firefighting Essentials I (mostly summer and fall)

Softball (mostly spring)


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This year for 9th (2015-16) for DS we took him out of the Christian high school over Christmas so only did 2nd semester with him, finishing up what he had started 1st semester...


Medieval History w/Maps (TOG Year 2) (½ credit to combine with his ½ credit 1st semester)

Medieval Lit (TOG Year 2) (½ credit)

Geometry (MUS) (1 credit as he finished the book)

Physical Science (homegrown) (½ credit)

Church History (¼ credit)

Writing (part of TOG) (½ credit)

Fine Arts (TOG) but don't think I'll count it cuz it's pretty sporadic....or might count it over a few years


10th grade (2016-17)

History and Literature-1800s (TOG Year 3)

Algebra 2 (MUS)

Biology (probably Science Shepherd)

Economics for Everybody

Church History (TOG)

French 1 (at local PS)

Debate (at local PS)

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9th Grade

History-BJU Cultural Geography (1 credit)

English- (1 credit)


SAT Grammar

Vocabulary Power Plus

Editor & Chief B1

Literature (homegrown)

Science- Apologia Biology (1 credit)

Math- MUS Algebra 2 (1 credit)

Foreign Language- Easy Peasy Spanish 1 (1 credit)

Bible/Christian Worldview-(½ credit) homegrown book list that fits in with Cultural Geography


State Park Prairie and Wetland Restoration (1 credit)


Logic- (1/4 credit) undecided

Photography- (1/2 credit)

The Beginner's Photography Guide

Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D For Dummies

PE- (1/2 credit) biking



10th grade

History- World History (Not sure what we will use yet)


IEW Essay

Vocabulary Power Plus

Editor and Chief B2

Literature (homegrown)

Science- Apologia Chemistry (1 credit)

Math- MUS Pre-Calculus (1 credit)

Foreign Language- Homeschool Spanish Academy (1 credit)

Bible/Christian Worldview- (1 credit)








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9th Grader:


Ambleside Online Year 7 (added a few books to the science + Barron's US Govt)

Saxon Geometry

9th Grade Research Paper described in TWTM

Visual Latin + Lingua Latina





Science Fair competition through our county

Volunteering at pit-bull rescue

Volunteering with Physical Therapist who uses horses for therapy

Competing/teaching in a sport


I'm not sure about credits.  I think I estimated 7.5.  *shrug*




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My rising 9th grader:


German 2- GaVS

Biology- CK12 and Landry Academy Lab Intensive

Algebra 1- Math Without Borders

Modern History- H.O. and good books

Lit and Comp- Teaching with Textbooks, IEW, Vocab w/ Classical Roots and lots of good books

Band- Marching and Concert (Flute)

P.E.- Cross Country and Archery


We'll supplement with Great Courses, Documentaries, and Field Trips.


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Just finished 9th


Systemath Algebra 2

WHA Honors Composition

Center for Lit World

La Clase Spanish 1

ACE Biology + Wes Olson vids + Way We Work

World War history (homemade)

Economics (Penny Candy + Personal finance) - elective

Civics (Land of Fair Play) - elective


Next year's 10th


Geometry (still deciding on one)

WHA Rhetoric

Center for Lit British

La Clase Spanish 2

ACE Intro to Chem & Physics + Wes Olson vids

Notgrass World History

Introductory Logic - elective

Aeroscholars Aviation science - elective

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Our 9th grade Plan:  (set and paid for)


Math- Saxon Alg 2 w/ DIVE

German 1- Landry

Biology- Apologia with online class

English and Lit - Local Class

History- (MFW) - also includes Bible 

AP Computer Science- PA Homeschoolers

Take State GED to access college courses more readily

PE- Swimming

RObotics club at PS


Loose 10th grade Plans:


Math- Saxon Adv Math w DIVE

German- Landry or at Community College depending how well he does in German 1 

Chemistry- Apologia Online or Landry 

English and Literature - Same Local Class or MFW 

History- MFW (includes Bible)

Programming - Community College

Drivers Ed 

PE - Swimming

Robotics Club at PS


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Not sure how helpful this will be for you, but here's ours:


Grade 9:

Algebra 1

World History

Earth Science

Cartoon Animation

World Civilizations through Minecraft (Where was this when I was in school?!)



All of the above were outsourced to our local PPP.


English: WriteShop 1 with a lit component

Elective: Study Skills for Students in High School

PE: TaeKwonDo


This gave him a total of 6.25 credits with the option of added home components to be done over the summer (history & science) to bump that up to 6.75.


Grade 10:

Pacific Rim Experience (Social Studies which will also give him state history)


French 1

Animate Awesomeness (as a TA)


ASB (possibly running for VP)


All of the above will be outsourced to the PPP.


English: Lightning Lit/Comp: Speech and Early-Mid American Lit

PE: TaeKwonDo

Geometry: ? Possibly Math U See since I already have some components. This was supposed to be outsourced, but he got wait-listed for the class :( I am not a mathy person so suggestions are appreciated.

Violin: If we can fit it into the day/budget


This would give him around 7.5 credits


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I wasn't planning to issue quarter credits but I am not sure how else to compute PE credits as they were 1-unit DE classes. 0.33 looks even worse so I'm sticking to 0.25!

If it's any comfort, I know our local high school issues PE credits by the quarter, rather than semester, like all the other credits.
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I wish I had known about this before I bought Oak Meadow biology. It looks really good!

They just launched it. We have used them for middle school science and really liked the program (but I tweaked by removing most of the writing work and made flashcards for my kids).


I'm not sure about how colleges will accept the virtual labs. I have gone through Late Nite Labs tutorial and it's impressive. They are not demonstrations and you can make mistakes. I believe CA State universities are using them in their college classes. I think ES does have lab recommendations you can do at home instead.



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I'm not sure about how colleges will accept the virtual labs. I have gone through Late Nite Labs tutorial and it's impressive. They are not demonstrations and you can make mistakes. I believe CA State universities are using them in their college classes. I think ES does have lab recommendations you can do at home instead.


We did FLVS biology last fall (which has national accreditation), and I'm totally disillusioned with what constitutes science "with labs". The virtual labs were a waste of time. The only benefit I could see was learning how to write lab reports. <shrug> I think if they can be accepted by colleges, a virtual lab that has real interaction should count.


Off to check out your new resource... :D

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We did FLVS biology last fall (which has national accreditation), and I'm totally disillusioned with what constitutes science "with labs". The virtual labs were a waste of time. The only benefit I could see was learning how to write lab reports. <shrug> I think if they can be accepted by colleges, a virtual lab that has real interaction should count.


Off to check out your new resource... :D

I didn't know about FLVS so I'm checking that out. I also discovered this resource but you have to go through a school for the lab work: http://www.ucscout.org/courses/biology. I did send them a message asking if they would accept wet labs done through Late Nite Labs. I havent heard back yet. But I think we'll stay with Elemental Science so she can go at her own pace.



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This is our first year in the "high school" realm, but so far this is what 9th grade will look like:


Bible - Notgrass & continue our Bible reading plan


Algebra I - co op


World History - Notgrass


LA - Easy Grammar, Literature list with study guides (probably Progeny Press) from Notgrass World History, and Composition (outsourced)


Biology I - co op


German - I am still deciding.  It's making me crazy!  My sister has a masters in German, and doesn't think the OSU program is a good idea, but I haven't landed on anything else yet.  (Did I mention it is making me crazy?)


Art History - Spine is Janson's History of Art for Young People


Intro to Photography - Creative Photography Lab by Sonheim


Health and Wellness - Christian Paths to Health and Wellness


History of Rock-n-Roll -  Spine is Music Lab: We Rock by Jason Hanley


Bible, art, photography, health, and music are all .5 credits.  In theory we will tackle two in the fall and two in the spring, but we will have to see how that shakes out IRL.  No idea yet of what this workload will look like and how DS will handle it!


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My DD will be in 9th.  We are switching over to Memoria Press materials, so I'm combining them for several subjects this year.  I'm hoping to have her complete their 8M core the following year (for 10th grade), with a few changes.  


9th grade

Math: MUS Pre-Algebra--she really struggles here, so my goal is to get her through Algebra II before graduation.  

Latin: Visual Latin, Henle 1 (with MP guides), and Lingua Latina for extra reading

English: part of WWS 1 & MP's CC: Fable.  She'll continue with either WWS or CC: Narrative over the summer (her choice).  MP literature guides, Our Mother Tongue, and Vocab from Classical Roots will complete this credit.  I have Killgallon Sentences scheduled as well, but it may be too much for her.  

History: We'll be using MP's 200 Questions/Guerber/SOTW 4 American history course as a family.  I'll be adding in some extra readers on grade level.  I think by adding some writing assignments, it should be plenty for a credit.

Bible/Classical Studies: A Bible History, D'Aulaire's Greek Myths, and Famous Men of Greece--I think this will end up being .5 credit?

Science: Physics 101 DVDs along with Apologia's Physical Science

Art: Harmony Fine Arts grade 9 w/ Artistic Pursuits 

Piano & PE 


10th grade

Math: Algebra I (MUS)

Latin: VL 2, continue with Henle 1

English: Continue with WWS 2 or MP's CC, MP's Literature guides

Geography III (MP)

Bible/Classical Studies: Christian Studies IV/Book of the Ancient World (MP) and Book of the Ancient Greeks/Iliad/Odyssey (MP)

Science: Biology of some sort?  

Art: HFA Grade 10 w/ Artistic Pursuits

Logic: MP Traditional Logic I & II 

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I've already graduated two kids, but figured that my most recent 9th/10th grade is more relevant.


#3's 9th grade:

Literary Analysis and Composition I

Intro to Computer Science

Italian I

Health (semester) / PE (semester)

Algebra II

Biology with Lab

Big History Project World History


#3's 10th grade:


Literary Analysis and Composition II

Chemistry with Lab

Italian II

AP Computer Science

US Government (semester) / Economics (semester)







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Just started 9th this week...


Geometry (AoPS).

Chem (Chang General Chem)

AP HUG (Rubenstein)

German (OSU online)

History (HotMW)

English (stuff.  not sure totally yet)


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9th grade this fall - first time with high school


Algebra (AoPS)

Literature - focus on British lit using a few guides from Total Language Plus and Memoria Press

World History - using assorted books and DVDs

Biology - still need to plan and purchase lab portion

French II - Breaking the French barrier (outsourced class)



Electives that will be ongoing through high school:

Computer programming

Health/PE (golf, biking, maybe fencing)

Environmental science

Art history

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Just finished 9th:



English I Literature & Composition(IEW Elegant Essay, TTC, Fix It Grammar, Novels/Novellas/Short Stories/Ballads/Poems) 1

Algebra I (Tablet Class) 1

Earth & Environmental Science (DIVE Earth and OM Environment) 1

World Geography (OM) 1

Spanish I (co-op) 1

Intermediate Strings & Theory - 1

Fitness I (YMCA class) .5

Cartography .5 (co-op)

4-Stroke Engines - .25




Super Sitters CPR/First Aid Certification, 25 hours

3-D Studio Art

Broadway Musical Theater Showcase

Theater Performance: Alice in Wonderland as Queen of Hearts

Hunter Education Traing course certification


Volunteer: Ronald McDonald House Teen Service Club 8 hrs, Local Farm 6 hours


Total- 7.25 credits



10th Grade as follows......(we may add or take away throughout the year)still undecided on credits and what to count as extra?



English II American Literature & Composition (The American Tradition in Literature text, US Lit list, Co-op class) 1

US History (Hands on/Lecture class, Abeka text, Great Course, field trips) co-op - 1

Spanish II (co-op) 1

Geometry (Tablet Class) 1

Biology (Apologia, co-op) 1

Health & Fitness II - .5

Logic (Art of Argument & Discovery of Deduction) 1

Studio Art/Art History (co-op) .5

Theatre (co-op) .5

Voice and Glee (private) 1



IEW Writing Seminar (October '16)

Theater Performance: The Princess and The Pauper (July '16)

Teaching Basic guitar lessons

Continuing To Advanced Strings......guitar and fiddle


Volunteer: Teens With Heart Ronald McDonald House Volunteer - 25 hours (July '16), Local Farm, Assist teacher in elementary/middle school Chemistry class


I'm having trouble with how to place all the fine arts credits and extra curriculars on transcript...... Guess I just need to wait till next year to figuring it all out!

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Biology Ck-12 (includes teacher text, student text, worksheets, tests.)

Illustrated Guide to to Home Biology Experiments

Will use Guest Hollow as a planner for what to do, when.



Jann in TX's online Geometry class.

Her website is myhomeschoolmathclass.com

She has another teacher and we'll be using the other teacher.


Fine Arts:

Photography using a Great Course as the spine and my own knowledge as a serious hobbyist/semi-professional photographer.

This will be completed over this summer and next summer for 1/2 credit total.



Various books about our beliefs.

The bible itself.



The Lost Tools of Writing--we will read World author books as subject matter for the writing assignments.

I'll use shmoop and spark notes and cliff's notes to further study the literature we read.

Analytical Grammar for Highschool, which is one worksheet every 2 weeks, just to keep the terminology fresh.



World History, Our Human Story as the spine.

Three Great Courses: A Brief History of the World, Turning Points in Modern History, High School Level World History.


Home Ec:

We have begin pointedly teaching our son everything we can think of for being an independent adult. It will take all 4 years to achieve this credit, as we squeeze projects in wherever we can. This summer we've focused on laundry, making dinner for the family, and doing an assortment of projects around the house--adding locks to doors, cleaning out the dryer vent, adding oil to the car, trying to fix the refigerator, etc.


Next year we'll focus on sewing and more on car maintenence. The summer between 11th and 12th it will be personal finance and household budgeting.



A local co-op provides a class with a retired Spanish teacher.



Astronomy or Ancient Egyptian History. These sound hefty, but will be light weight classes. We will use some Great Courses lectures and keep it light. He will answer the questions provided by the Great Courses people, but I won't expect a lot of retention or reports, etc. This is just to learn for the fun of it.




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