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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

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Since I did absolutely nothing yesterday, I hope today is more productive.



-workout (20 minute cardio warm up, 1 hour chest and triceps)

-shower and get ready

-hang up some curtains

-laundry (three loads is my goal)


-go out to baseball and fireworks with friends tonight

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Good Morning....


Slept in this morning....rest is a wonderful thing!  :D


Today...I'll grocery shop for food and stock the house....we are all tired of eating out.   If I can accomplish this....I'm good today!


Tomorrow we will tackle lots and lots of boxes.


Have a good Sunday! 

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Good morning

- work on desk- working on it a little at a time

- laundry- done

- tidy house- round 1 done

- fold laundry- all sorted

- work

- dinner- meat thawed

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- made back to school list

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Hi guys.  I'm back in my hotel room early because we have a super early flight to Kiev tomorrow.


Today we visited the village where my friend's parents were born and lived until they emigrated to escape from Russian oppression.  We also stopped at a religious shrine.  The trip took all day because the roads were really bad, but thankfully at least we didn't get rain / mud!  :)  Finding a useable bathroom was the biggest challenge of the day.  We found a decent outhouse behind a village church, hooray!


Came back to our Lviv hotel, had dinner at our favorite Lviv restaurant, got the kids bathed and ready to leave in a hurry tomorrow, packed, caught up on emails etc., and now I'm charging my electronics and getting ready for bed.  Now here's hoping I wake up in the morning!  Waking up isn't my strong suit ....

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We've been to worship and Sunday school and had lunch.

I've made the filling for cherry hand-pies for tomorrow.



To do:

put Ds' quilt in the dryer

go to a friend's house to help her pack for moving

double check my potato casserole recipe



dinner - leftover lasagna and green salad

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