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"Spanish For You" feedback


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Has anyone used this "Spanish For You" curriculum? It popped up in my Facebook feed and it seems interesting to me.




Pros? Cons? Good for the money? I like that lessons are audio files for good pronunciation. I am particularly interested in whether this got your kids to speak more.


I will read and do it with her rather than leaving her to do it on her own because it says grades 3-8 but my daughter is beginning 2nd. However, my husband is from Honduras and he and other family members speak some Spanish with her so we have a family culture of Spanish. I actually wish they would speak more with her but despite my best efforts they continue to switch to English around her. It's been left to me, the non-fluent parent to direct her Spanish growth.


Over K and 1st we did a combination of Muzzy, SSS, folksongs from De Colores, bilingual poetry, and both bilingual and Spanish only stories and picture books. She knows a lot but she has trouble speaking it. I'm looking for a program that will require her to respond orally. With SSS she just whipped through the workbook and not answer out loud. I'd ideally like to make progress with this hurdle before we move on to an upper elementary program.

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I'm about 85% sure we tried that a few years ago. The materials look familiar (though I think some things have changed.. it looks like their copyright is 2012-2016 and I suspect we were probably one of the early attempts.)


I can't remember anything specific, and it's likely it's changed so take my opinion for what it's worth. I was very disappointed in every elementary level Spanish program I found. I think the most success we had was using all the Spanish classes on Discovery Education from about grades 1-4. Then we weren't happy with them either anymore and didn't do anything until grade 6 when we finally found a middle school program that we like. She didn't think she remembered much from the Discovery Education stuff, but she had piles of latent knowledge that she just hadn't used in a while.



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We briefly used one level of this.  I felt like all we ever did was make flashcards.  Most of the activities were based on the flashcards, and the flashcards took forever to make.  And some activities even called for two sets.  There is a time and place for flashcards in language learning, but it was just too much for us.

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