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s/o Quark Chronicles Notebooking pages samples, anyone?

Ewe Mama

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Do you want to see in it, or would a listing of what each chapter has for the notebook be enough?


For each Quark chapter, the notebook has:

  • 1 page of additional reading. As near as I know, this is the same reading that is assigned for the same week in Wayfarers. It does not necessarily line up with the subject covered in Quark.
  • 1 page of grid lines for narration of the Quark chapter.
  • 2 pages for vocabulary. This includes selected words from the Quark chapter, room for the student to write the definition, and blank boxes that I assume are for illustrating the words?
  • 4 pages for an experiment (presumably the one mentioned in the additional reading). This is a generic lab write up form (meaning it is designed to work with any lab). It has space to detail the question, hypothesis, experiment details, observations, and conclusions.
  • 1 page of copywork from the Quark chapter. The copywork selection is a short passage that highlights the main point of the chapter.
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