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Graduated my youngest, have a new job, and need help please

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You all are such a fount of information...


Does anyone know of a good blog or book or you tube video that can help me adjust to my new non homeschooling life?


I can not find anything that really relates to me... a 50ish "retired" homeschool mom, with only one child (ds19) still living at home, working a new job, commuting by car over an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Dh and DD24 tell me to write my own blog about this life transition.


I just need SOME help NOW.


I am just exhausted. I have no energy to exercise, cook, clean, hobbies, etc.  I'm working, riding in the car, or sleeping.  I'm alway from home almost 12 hours a day.


It sort of feels like that first year or two of homechooling. Or the first year with a new baby. That "How the heck to do I do this?" feeling.


You all are probably trying to figure out how to homeschool with a new baby and a todddler.... but maybe your Mom knows of a blog or book to help me!


Anything? Or should I just muddle through this and blog my journey?

Help and Thanks.


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Are you getting help at home?  Letting go of some of the homemaker responsibilities/stresses? 


I am *almost* in a similar position.  My kids are all still home, but one is in college and the other two will graduate in the spring.  Although they are "homeschooled", one is doing all her classes at either CC or a co-op, and the other is doing independent study to CLEP out of some classes for college.  

Anyway, I'm in school full time and working part-time.  I may be working full time soon and going to school full time.  It really was exhausting at first.  Especially the stress of the lifestyle change. I had to let go of some things (I don't cook much any more.) 


Making sure I get enough sleep and eating well (struggling with that one) help me a lot.  I also try to take some time to get out in the sunshine fairly regularly.  

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