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Science again, please help!

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I do not really care if we do science this year. I just wanted to inspire something fun. He is a 7th grader and will start algebra 1 probably right after Christmas. He enjoys shows like "The Cosmos" but seems to not have taken to Great Courses Plus. I also do not want to spend a ton of money.


The only books I have on my shelf that might seem to apply to his age might be Apologia Physical Science, Apologia Chemistry Physics for elementary, and RS4Kids Geology. I am willing to spend a little bit, but do not wish to just throw more money in to failing to complete anything. I would rather do well at what we have and not have any more failures this next year. I am considering purchasing the science kit to go along with the Physical Science. I am also considering purchasing something new, like the Chemistry 101 or the Exploration Science. I can say for sure, he would not be interested in stuff like Story of Science or Tiners books. I struggle a lot to get him to do any assigned reading, so finding more literature books on this will not help. I can say, though, he loves Singapore Math and I think this is because it is straight and to the point. It does not mess around with a bunch of words on the page to talk about it.


Should I just pass on additional science for now and just work on success in what we are doing? I want to inspire love for the science, not add tons of work or something that is dry.

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What about taking him to the library and telling him he has to choose something science related to read or watch for school? Weekly. He's old enough to hunt through he nonfiction books or ask a librarian for help. If he balks that much I'd be inclined to make it his problem instead of mine. Output could be having to teach mom or dad what he's learned. Over time this would help you see what science he's really interested in and you could pick up resources he'd be more likely to use.

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I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but my ds watches lots of videos and learns lots of science from them.  He did Exploring Chemistry and Physics last year, grade 6, and was inspired to memorize the periodic table.  He has enjoyed "The Fabric of the Cosmos", "Making Stuff", "Periodic Videos" and "Atom Smashers."  He has watched some Great Courses but he's much more interested in these type of videos. There is a lot of science in them.


He is doing Apologia Physical Science now and we have the kit.  It's good, but he's moving through it fairly quickly so he can pursue something more interesting to him.  He'll start Algebra 1 in the fall. We're going to check out MIT's open courseware, Kitchen Chemistry.


Hope that helps.





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