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RIP Pat Summitt


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I don't think anyone's posted about this yet, but here in Tennessee this is a very big deal. I don't know how it plays out on the National stage, but Pat Summit was an amazing woman.


Truly Classy.


Strong. Bold. Fearless. And also, kind and loving.


This piece is a great summation of her life.




She'll be missed.

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But, what made Pat (from where I live they call her Trish) special was that she was more than just ball.


She had 100 percent of her girls graduate from college.


Every ball player was supposed to be in every class sitting in the first three rows.


She was tough, but she loved the girls and they knew it.


It's so funny that a girl from Henrietta TN did so much and went so far. I know where that is and drive through it all the time. There's NOTHING out there but tobacco and cows. They don't even have a post office.

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