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Looking for spelling advice

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Our son is finishing up the 6th grade and needs to strengthen his spelling skills. He is an avid reader and can comprehend upper high school level texts without issue. He doesn't have any issues with vocabulary or word recognition, but he has a tough time spelling words correctly. He knows when he spells something wrong because it doesn't look right, so he will rewrite it in different ways to make it look correct. However, many times he can't figure out the right combination of letters to spell it correctly. 

FWIW, he spent most of his elementary years living in Italy and attending an Italian elementary school. So, part of the problem is that he gets confused and spells words with Italian blends or in British English. 

Can someone suggest a spelling curriculum that can help him strengthen his spelling skills? 

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Italian spelling is il piu migliore!


There are many good choices. What kind of learner is he? Does he do better with written, auditory, visual, or mechanical presentation of information? Does he do better learning all the rules then applying them in context or picking up on patterns and applying them?

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