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I know how supportive you ladies (and gents :) ) are and I have seen how the Hive rallies around to help it's members and it's a wonderful thing.  I wanted to ask for help on behalf of my daughter.  She has come up with a toy design for a toy company and it was accepted and has now gone to an open voting round.  She is competing against four other designs and there is one day left in the voting.  Whichever design gets the most votes will win the competition and it will go in to production as an actual toy and they will win a cash prize of up to $500,00 and most importantly they will have this to add to their professional portfolio.  Currently my daughter is in second place only 1 vote behind the leader.  It's literally neck and neck and the voting ends in one day!  So I'm asking the Hive if you all would vote for my daughter and help her.  It would mean the world to us.  It's free and there are several ways to sign in without creating an account.  Her design is the "squishable flan" and her name is Elle B.  The link is here.  https://www.squishable.com/opensquishp/opensquish_flan_117992/  Thank you so much for all of your help!  I wish I could hug you all! hehehe  Some people seem to be having a problem voting on mobile devices so if you can vote from a pc that seems to work best!  Thank you all so much!  I will let you know what happens and if she wins! <3 <3 <3

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