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Whole30 folks - what do you eat?


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I'm toying with the idea of doing a Whole30 this coming month. But I'm having trouble meal planning to see if it will fit in my budget. Can you give me some ideas of what Whole30 meals looked like for you? Everything I am finding online is either too fancy or too many salads. And what exactly do you eat for carbs?


I'm more of a diner fare type meal person - dinner here often looks like baked chicken breasts, pasta and veggies on the side {generally from a can}. I detest salad fwiw as well as raw veggies. 

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I've done 2 rounds of Whole30. My meals generally looked like this:


Breakfast - eggs or chicken sausage, sauteed zucchini (with fried eggs on top - yum!) or leftover roasted sweet potatoes or white potatoes, occasionally an apple with cashew butter if I was in a hurry.


Lunch (our dinner due to DH's work schedule) - a protein like grilled chicken, fish, or hamburgers, sweet potatoes, white potatoes or winter squash for a carb, and then a salad or cooked veggie (usually frozen). I would also do normal meals and modify to make it Whole30 approved. For example, spaghetti and meatballs would be homemade meatballs and spaghetti squash. For tacos I'd make the ranch sauce from the book to replace the cheese and sour cream and stuff the taco filling in a large lettuce leaf. I'd have cauliflower rice on the side instead of real rice. Chicken strips breaded with coconut and coconut flour, fish breaded with almond meal were both good.


Dinner - leftovers from lunch or chicken salad stuffed in pepper halves, wraps made with approved deli meat, pepper strips, avocado, spinach, onion, and mustard rolled in lettuce leaves, or a baked potato loaded with sauteed veggies and topped with ranch sauce.


Do you have the book? I found a lot of the recipes to be very good, especially to replace staples like mayo, salad dressing, and broth. Some of our favorite recipes from the book that we still eat regularly are Shepherd's Pie and the curry sauce over roasted root veggies and meatballs.


Other recipes I found online that are really good (and still made on a regular basis) are:



(A huge hit here. We have this all the time now.)



(A good pasta casserole substitute)



(We're having this again tomorrow actually.)


For carbs I eat fruit and lots of potatoes. We love sweet potatoes sliced thick and roasted with olive oil, salt, and cinnamon.

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Breakfast: Sausage, eggs and grilled veggies.


Snacks: Fruit, nuts, veggies.


Lunch: Spinach salad with meat, avocado and fruit.


Dinner: A traditional whole 30 meal. My favorites are coconut cilantro shrimp soup and Melissa's chicken hash. Either of those make leftovers.

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