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Now that my little man is officially in secondary, I find myself wishing I hadn't given away our old 1980s World Book Encyclopedia set that I thought he'd never use.


What are your secondaries using for research sources? Google? Wikipedia? World Book or Britannica encyclopedias—hardback, CDs, or online??? What works best for your learners?

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For most subjects, we just hit the library for non fiction books.  We have a science encyclopedia and a couple of history encyclopedias plus lots of eyewitness type books on hand.  And, yes, we are known to google a topic too.  It's always good to find some .gov sites on the topics.

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We use Britannica online, World Books at the library. For online we try to stick to .edu and .gov sites. We also use periodicals available at the library or online for science.


My kids have learned how to cite sources but sometimes they forgot how to.

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