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CLE Math 100

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There are about 17 lessons per light unit, and 10 light units per level, so 17 x 10 = 170 lessons give or take.  But, don't think that you have to do all of them!  You can skip some, in fact, I skipped whole light units with my ds.  For that level, I think I had him skip three, maybe four, light units.  And, you can always cross out things that you know your student knows, so that they don't have to do the whole lesson every time!  Also, FYI, the first light unit in the levels is a review, so if you use level 200, you won't necessarily need the light unit 201, as it's all review of level 100.

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What Caviar said... :)


Each light unit usually has 4 lessons, then a quiz, then 4 more lessons, then a quiz, then 5 lessons, then a test.  It comes out to 17 lessons per light unit if you include the quizzes and the test.  Feel free to cross out review problems for areas that are solid.  The review problems will come up again.  You can even combine lessons so you do new material from two lessons but only the review problems from one lesson.  Just make sure you go at the pace that is best for your child, and be prepared to slow down for tough areas and speed up for quick areas.  Math is usually not a slow and steady progression.


And try to incorporate what is being learned in the lessons into real life when you can.  It can help tremendously now and later on.

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