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And everyone's irritation with Amazon becomes crystal clear


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I don't consistently have any issue with OnTrac, FedEx, UPS, or USPS. They are all reasonably consistent in delivering when Amazon promises (I'm guessing this really varies by area). My problems stem from Amazon not actually offering 2 day shipping on a consistent basis.


It used to be if I ordered on Wednesday, FedEx would deliver on Saturday. Now if I order on Wednesday, sometimes they'll have USPS deliver on Sunday or it won't be scheduled for delivery until Monday or Tuesday.


They've expanded their carrier list--I assume in order to save money, going with the cheapest option for them, which in theory I don't have a problem with. My complaint comes in that the cheapest option they pick is often not actually 2 day shipping.

I don't have any problems with the carriers either. Almost all the problems I've had have been with amazon getting stuff out of the warehouse right away.


I like in CA and I've had more problems since they moved warehouses into our state. Almost all my orders used to come from KY and I would get them in two days. Now, if I have an item coming from KY it takes 3-4 days. Luckily, most of my items come from one of the warehouses 60-75 miles away.



I do chat with them when my orders are late and get an extra month added to my Prime.

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I never got 2 day shipping from Amazon because off my location but my packages always came fast in the past. Lately my stuff from Amazon has been taking a really long time to get here and I had to contact them about it and depending on who you get they may not even helpful. They do not even ship my stuff out in a reasonable manner. I get they cannot guarantee the shipping but it does not take longer to ship a package out because of my location. It should not take 2 weeks to ship something out.

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