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Summer Math Review for 6th Grader Going Back to School??

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Our children are heading back to school this fall after 2 years of homeschooling.  For a variety of reasons, both kids are a bit behind in math and need to ramp up before the fall.


Their tutor (who will be their Math teacher this fall - bonus!), feels that they need to review grade level concepts as well as increase their fluency / speed on basic functions.


Can anyone suggest a solid, open and go workbook that will do the job for my 6th Grader?  We have been using giftedandtalented.com for new concepts and are very happy with it, but we need something to supplement that will help her solidify early middle school math skills that she seems to have forgotten.


We have Evan Moor 6th Grade Skill Sharpeners on hand, as well as Saxon 7/6 which she had been working through.  We could likely use the timed tests from Saxon, but I'm looking for something efficient and not teacher intensive.


thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!!

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Yeah, Prodigy Math would be really good for this. You can set up a teacher/parent account, create student accounts for them and then add them to your "classroom". Then, in your dashboard, you can go in and hand pick which topics to review, setting assignments for them to encounter as they play the game.


And if they're like many other kids...they will WANT to play this game...lol. My crew love it.

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