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Assistive technology for dyslexia - what should I get first?

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What are you using audible on?  Your device probably can already read the websites for you.  You have the math as a pdf or are you needing to scan *and* read?  There is an app (name slips my mind) that can scan, convert to optical, read, AND let them write/type/draw on the pdf.  Or maybe you needed two, I forget.  But yes, it can be done.  So ipad or kindle?

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DS started with LearningAlly books, and then moved over to a TTS enabled Kindle.  DS also uses Bookshare with the VoiceDream app.  VoiceDream is available on IPad/IPod and Android devices.  You can download a TTS Google Chrome app to have websites read aloud.  You can also go into your computer's system settings and set up TTS.


DD and I have used speech to text on her IPod and my Android phone for school work.  The work was saved in EverNote app and later edited on my PC.  Then there is Inspirations sw and Xmind.

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