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Resource on how best to use a graphing calculator on PSAT/SAT/ACT?

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Anyone know of a resource that focuses on the best strategies for using a graphing calculator on the PSAT/ACT/SAT? My daughter would really like to bring up her math scores on these tests, so she is working through the "PWN the SAT Math" book this summer as well as working with the Khan Academy SAT prep that imported her scores from the PSAT last year.  I think she may not be using her graphing calculator to greatest advantage and I'd like to find something focused on this part to hopefully give her a boost.

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Does she have a scientific calculator? My kid who needs a calculator for some questions finds using his Casio scientific faster than his TI 84 CE because of ease of use.


There is no graphing questions on the ACT/SAT. What my oldest said was that it was faster to undo typing mistakes on his TI84 than on his Casio for long equations. He use his TI84 for programming silly games rather than computation.


I doubt that there would be a resource specifically for graphing calculators, but any tips for the calculator section of a test prep book would work.

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