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Logic for a 5th grader

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Another vote for the Prufrock Press books. Short, not too expensive, sort of fun, nicely to the point. The Logic Safari series is all grid style deductive reasoning puzzles. The Logic Liftoff series introduces everything, including, by the end, a gentle intro to formal logic.


Also, I'll bet he has done some logic through games and math and so forth. Games are really the best way... things like sudoku, solo games like Rush Hour, strategy games like Mastermind. Lori D. has a really good list - maybe if you search her name and logic you'll turn up where she's posted it.

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I agree that "logic" in the form of puzzling questions is great for 5th grade. I wouldn't start formal logic. Or even informal logic, though my DS read Fallacy Detective for fun. We didn't study it - he just found it on my shelf and read it.


DS in 5th did Logic Liftoff. It's a good series.


ETA: like previous post said., games are awesome! And read the Sherlock Holmes stories (it's more of a hook for logic than teaching logic)

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