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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Oh vey.  Last night was the least comfortable in terms of lack of a/c.  It got muggy and the house would not cool off.  Right now though sitting out on my back porch, I feel cool at last!  They may fix the a/c today or, more likely, tomorrow.


Inspector is supposed to come today to ok all the bathroom reno.  If they ok it then we start to put up dry wall and tile and stuff.  Exciting!

Must get shower in before workmen arrive at 8.

Wake kids

Breakfast school out on the porch

Latin review

I think we hang out at home for as long as we can and then head to the library when it gets too hot.

I think my married dd is going to hang out with us for part of that time.

We also could go clothes/shoe shopping

Dinner?  I think ice cream will do.

14 yo is helping build sets for her summer musical this p.m. 7ish?

Must work on Theo stuff if I can.  Hopefully at library.

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  • Midnight - I was packing my birds and fish off to spend a couple weeks at my sister's house.
  • And doing a couple loads of laundry.
  • Right around midnight, a client issue was resolved and I was able to prepare all their reports for 7am submission.
  • The kids were still up, so I read the last chapter of The Black Stallion.
  • Then I folded and sorted a bunch of laundry that has been lying in heaps during this hectic time.
  • Finally checked in at my online fun places.
  • Slept a bit.
  • Up at 6:50 to get ready for 7am conference call.  Submitted the final report of my Big Annual Deadline.

To do:

  • I still have many smaller deadlines to meet before we leave for the airport at 3pm.
  • Finish folding and pack / put away clothes.
  • Pay bills / mail kids' pen pal letter(s).
  • Last fridge clean-out.
  • Wash dishes.
  • Take out garbage.
  • Pack work stuff, books, personal stuff.
  • Fly to Chicago.
  • Probably work at the airport.
  • Fly to Poland.
  • Wonder what I'm forgetting.
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SKL, I'm sending my sleep and energy to you this morning.  You're going to need it!  Whew!  What a to-do list!





I'm certain there is something I'm forgetting and I cannot think what it might be!  That feeling is going to drive me crazy all day.







Garden - weed 1 hour


Everyone gt ready to do the library thing

Return all books to both libraries.


Nap for shorties while my house cleans itself???

An insane amount of laundry must be done



Make supper for right after DH gets home

Go help my aunt pack and move


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SKL, hope you have an amazing trip!


Somehow we managed driving schedules so I don't have to drive anyone to work this morning! :)


For Today:

Done Check music practice


Done Drink water


Done Have kids work on sidewalk weeds

Done Clean bread basket

Done Put away small cabinet stuff

Drink water

Done Story time

Done Everyone take a nap

Buy groupon?

Done Freezer food

Kids to music class

Pick up dh from work


Lunch - burritos, fruit

Dinner - turkey & broccoli?

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Good morning, ladies!



-workout (1 hour of cardio) Just NOT happening today

-shower and get ready

-straighten up kitchen

-math and spelling review with youngest

-get youngest to write out 5 postcards for WTM summer postcard swap

-laundry (baseball, sheets, one more load of something)

-sit outside and read

-figure out dinner

-high school baseball game for oldest (7:15 pm)

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