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Giving up lurking - first time HS'er - any winter sports fiends here?

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Hi there TWTM forum community, I am a Mom of one Dd7 who just finished public school grade 1 and we are taking the plunge into homeschool starting over the summer!!!!! I have a few curriculum items already and I am so excited I could burst.


I am a homemaker (5 yrs experience), husband runs a practice out of the home and we all love boating in the summer and snowboarding in the winter from the bEast coast. I'm a great self-taught knitter and LOVE reading and snowboarding.


My biggest challenges so far are:


- prioritizing goals/ expectations / being realistic (Soooo many topics we'd like to cover!)

- choosing curriculum both brand and placement! DD would be entering grade 2 but at this point we are starting most stuff at level 1... Bummer... I thought I could just get grade 2-in-a-box lol. Nope!

- the actual mechanics and implementation of getting started. Eg. Making a workbox & weekly lesson folder and yearly goals and designing loop schedules.


Any other winter sports obsessed atheletes here?


Nice to meet you and thanks for being here! What a great resource you all are!

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