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Weight Watcher points through the years and iTrackBites


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Ok, I have to find a way to lose weight without paying a large amount of money AND eating my own foods.


I have found that restrictive diets just don't work because I can't stick to them well.  I eat out a couple of times per week, and honestly, just can't stick to them well.  


So I am looking at WW, BUT will not go or pay the fee.  There is an app called iTrackBites and they have the WW calculations but call them "bites" instead of points.


They offer three methods to track:  Classic, Plus, or Smart 


I *think* the Classic is the old Momentum program.  Then the Plus is the last one they had.  The Smart is the newest 2016 version.


I have a couple of questions, more about WW than itrackbites.


1. I have been reading that the newest WW program doesn't really work as well.  People are going back to the older versions or having to tweak the new version quite a bit to get it to work.


2. Which version do you like the best if you have tried them all or more than one?


I have set the app to Smart points but I am thinking the Classic (Momentum?) may be my best bet.




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